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Ten Pieces for a Perfect Spring Wardrobe

As life begins to pick up again–even in a small way–I’ve come to the realization that my spring wardrobe needs a serious overhaul. Not that I don’t love the pieces in my wardrobe, because I do, but I’ve lost some weight since the last time I’ve been in public when it’s been warm, so everything needs to be tailored, if possible, and replaced if not.

Because of that, I’ve been taking stock of what I will be doing during the spring and trying to determine what I’ll need to wear. From revisit day at my child’s new school (so exciting!!!), to our spring cocktail party for work, to being out and about, here are the ten things I need for a perfect spring wardrobe.

A shift dress

A shift dress is such a versatile and forgiving cut–practical for everything from running into town with sandals on or for afternoon tea. I finally found the Island Company (RIP) dress I’ve coveted for years–one of my best friends has the same dress and I’ve always hoped it would find its way from her closet to mine. Unfortunately it didn’t, but I tracked down the dress in the end!

A good wrap

I have a number of wraps and shawls, from a black cashmere shawl to a pale blue linen wrap from the Avoca Weavers in Ireland. However, none quite fit the bill for the spring. I had a beautiful light wrap a friend bought in Morocco that was sadly absconded from a hotel room and I’ve looked for a replacement ever since. It was large (large enough to use as a blanket!), made of very fine cotton, and was just perfect. Please let me know if you know where I can track down the unicorn of wraps again!


I love my Belgians, and I also need to write a love letter to my Stubbs & Woottons. I far prefer flats for everything, especially walking in the city. I love this pair* and I’ve had my eye on them forever!

A white collared shirt

I feel as though I need to write a blog post–or memoir–called “Tuck Your Shirt In! And Other Things I Learned in Boarding School.” Despite resisting tucking in my shirt for an embarrassingly long portion of my life, you truly do look so much better in every way. Having a great white collared shirt is crucial for my spring wardrobe. I haven’t found the right one yet, but I’m on the hunt. (I can’t wait to try Ann Mashburn’s Icon Shirt and Schoolgirl Shirt to compare!)

A striped shirt

There’s nothing like a good striped shirt, which is a staple of my wardrobe in warmer months. I live in my Saint James Galathée* tee for warm weather, and the heavier Minquiers* shirt for cooler weather (with shorts–is there better weather than long-sleeved shirt and shorts weather?).

Good trousers

I’ve been on the hunt for great straight-legged trousers, but still narrow–I’m trying to outgrow the skinny jeans/skinny pants phase of my 20s! I still have my eye on the Faye pants and I will finally take the plunge, especially as they’ve recently been released in new colors!

A silk scarf

I have loved finally feeling adult enough to wear my mother’s silk scarves and can’t wait to incorporate them into my spring wardrobe! I love Grey Hall Design‘s beautiful creations, and would love a few of those to find my way into my own collection…!

A pleated skirt

All right, shades of uniforms here, but a pleated skirt is always flattering and timeless. I’ve worn my Ann Mashburn box-pleat skirt nearly to death for a reason! I also have my eye on the Kitt skirt from Molly Moorkamp.

An oversized cardigan

Again, something that’s been on my list forever is Molly Moorkamp’s Annette cardigan, which just came in stock…!

A little black dress

I have a black wool LBD from Benetton that my mother bought me at the age of fourteen for formal dinners–almost twenty (!!!) years later, it has served me very well, but it’s certainly getting tired. I’d love a simple black silk dress, which seems to be another impossible item to find. However, I’m still on the hunt!

What is in your perfect spring wardrobe, and where did you find your favorite pieces? Please do share!

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  1. I am so sorry i missed your wonderful blog until now! So excited to discover it! Very flattered you chose our silk scarves as a favorite accessory. Wishing you all the best and excited to follow you!

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