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Five Ways to Wear a Scarf

Some of my mother’s favorite purchases throughout her life–and presents to receive–were silk scarves. I’ve always loved silk scarves, but was concerned I wasn’t adult enough, or elegant enough, to pull them off. Besides that, I’ve always been a little unsure how to wear them. I’ve been studying pictures of my mom and other very elegant women, as well as practicing on my own, and I finally feel a bit more confident in pulling out some of these scarves and incorporating them into my wardrobe! Here are five ways to wear a scarf–simple and easy, and I hope this gives you some inspiration!

(For this blog post, I am wearing this scarf, which my mother bought on her first trip to Paris after college! It measures 140 cm square.)

This is one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf, in my opinion–simply folded in half along the diagonal and draped over your shoulders. I think this would look especially chic over a coat or blazer.

To get this look, I folded my scarf in half diagonally, then tied it behind my neck, point down, before tying it again in front, beneath the point. I love the look of this, and think it’s a great way to show more of the scarf’s pattern while still being easy to wear!

This is another simple way to wear a scarf, and one of my favorites. To get this look, fold the scarf diagonally, then keep folding until the scarf is in a long, narrow strip. I knot the ends of my scarf when wearing them like this to keep the folds in place.

Perhaps my favorite way to wear a scarf! Follow the steps above, and simply tie the scarf about halfway up. I find myself favoring this way of wearing a scarf because it feels more secure.

This method is what I am feeling for fall. Follow the steps above, then tie the scarf behind you, then in front of you, tucking the edges beneath the wrap.

What are your favorite ways to wear a scarf, and what am I missing?

7 thoughts on “Five Ways to Wear a Scarf

  1. Love this! I, too, have become a scarf-wearer only recently. When I turned 40, I finally felt like I could pull it off, ha ha!
    I found an app called Scarf Art that I love…lots of ideas, with step by step directions for how to tie. It helped me so much!
    I like the last example you show, I will have to try that. It looks cozy!

    1. Haha, I agree! When I turned 30 I was finally ready.

      I will have to check Scarf Art out; I am looking for more ways to style these scarves, and I really only know how to wear square scarves. The last example is very cozy indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. While this will sound odd, give it a try: Using the long diagonal fold you describe above. Simply drape around your neck and tie the scarf like you would a man’s tie. Don’t pull it tight and make sure the “knot” is pulled out and loose. It is a super cool look and doesn’t like you borrowed your husband’s Hermes!

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