A Few Changes

I’ve been in the process of making a few changes to Fewer & Better. First of all, I finally set up an email signup form! If you sign up, you’ll get emails when new posts are live on the blog. I also hope to create a monthly newsletter in coming weeks with snippets that aren’t quite long enough for a blog post. Please let me know what you’d like to see!

Another change I’m putting in motion is a list of “Fewer & Better approved” items. I feature these on occasion on my Instagram, but I also wanted to have a running list on the blog. I’ll share the link when it’s live!

Something else I’m trying out this spring is an affiliate-link service. I have signed up for LTK; you can read about the company here and follow my account here. Essentially, if you use one of my links and purchase something from the link, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. I’ve gone back and forth on deciding whether or not to sign up for a service like this. While this is common practice in the blogging world, most bloggers don’t seem to be up front about a) what the service does, b) which links are affiliate links, c) hide links or be shady about disclosing links, and d) link to every conceivable product, including (especially!) products they don’t use. Before I signed up for this service, I wrote down several points that I am using to govern my usage of this service, and I wanted to share them with you.

  1. I am only going to link to items I own or are planning to purchase myself.
  2. Every link that is an affiliate link will be marked with an asterisk, and a note will be made in the post indicating it is an affiliate link (my friend Nan does this so well!) If an item isn’t an affiliate link, it won’t be marked.
  3. I won’t spam my readers with endless links.

Something I am very committed to is the mission behind “Fewer & Better.” You won’t be finding posts on shopping various sales (unless it’s the Ann Mashburn sale!) and you won’t see a change in my content because of this. You will still find the same content here I’ve always had, and that is very, very important to me.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I want to hear from you–you can reach me at any time using the email here.

I’m so grateful to you for reading and for your support! Thank you for being here. I love hearing from you!

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