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Belgian Shoes

Do you have that one particular item that you feel you just aren’t quite ready for? For me, those were Belgian Shoes. Almost every year, from about the age of twenty-one onward, I’ve stopped by the store, tried on a pair or two, and decided against them. It wasn’t the expense of the shoe, or the style. The shoes are beautiful and timeless, plus they are handmade (something I am realizing the importance of to me!) They have all the quality craftsmanship, as well as comfort and practicality, that make them a Fewer & Better-approved shoe. I just wasn’t ready for them.

This year, that changed. Perhaps it’s due to the fatigue of wearing leggings and tshirts for a year and a half, but I think it’s because I’m feeling more settled in myself, my style and identity. Whatever the reason, I was finally ready, and I bought my first pair, black suede. And–I love them! They are comfortable and practical, as mentioned above; they’re classic; they are understated. I love that there’s no big logo slapped on; you have to know what they are. They are perfect.

Obviously Belgian Shoes aren’t a new find. The company was started by Henri Bendel (the nephew) in order to sell Belgian Shoes, which had been in production for centuries, to an American audience. Today you can purchase them exclusively through the New York boutique, and they don’t offer online sales due to the complexity of the sizing, though you can see the many options available on their website. I’m glad that I’ve purchased my first pair, and now the only problem will be stopping me from buying too many more… the options are endless, and I have a feeling that these will be my go-to shoes in the future.

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