When Do You Edit Your Wardrobe?

As the seasons change, I’ve been changing over my wardrobe, as I’m sure many of you are. While I pack up my things for next summer, I’ve been trying to take careful stock of what I have worn and what I haven’t. Now, this summer, like last, was a bit different from a standard summer. We’ve been taking social distancing very seriously, so things like more formal sundresses weren’t worn at all. But still, I have an idea of which clothes have been worn and loved and which haven’t been–and with the clothes that haven’t, I’ve been trying to let them go.

It’s been tough to start out, at first, but I’m finding it’s getting easier. Many of the things I’m editing out of my wardrobe are things I haven’t thought about for a long time, even in season. Others are clothes that don’t fit any longer, and that I wasn’t too attached to when they did fit.

Which begs the question–when do you edit your wardrobe? When the seasons change, when you gain or lose weight, when you are bored, when you need a makeover? What do you keep–sentimental pieces or pieces you hope you’ll be able to wear again one day? How do you clean out your closet–do you donate or sell or throw away or give to a friend?

For me, I’m trying to edit out the things that are no longer useful to me–no longer loved, or needed, or able to be worn. I’m trying to keep only those things that make me happy, that I want to wear, instead of clothes that I feel are taking up space.

I’m feeling better about things, too, now that I’m editing down. I like knowing that I have my outfits that make me feel like the best version of myself close at hand. I like feeling smoother, more streamlined, less cluttered going into my favorite season, as we quickly progress to the end of the year. My goal as we end 2021 is to have sorted through at least half of my wardrobe and be happy with what I have, while taking careful note of pieces I need.

How do you edit your wardrobe, and do you have any tips or tricks I should keep in mind?

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