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Black Tie

It’s just less than two weeks until the black tie dinner dance I’ve been planning for two years finally takes place (fingers crossed!) I’m taking a moment in between panicking about the fact that my gown no longer fits to appreciate the things that do—these shoes, handbag, and necklace, all of which belonged to women who had a profound influence on me.

These shoes are ones from my grandmother, who had the same shoe size as me and who left me many of her stunning shoes when she passed away. The handbag is from my grandmother’s best friend, who had exquisite taste and was a renowned collector; someone whom I admired greatly. The pearl necklace was loaned to me by my mother for my wedding, my “something borrowed”–she’d received it as a gift from my aunt, her best friend, when she was the bridesmaid in her wedding. My mother passed away just before my wedding, so I wasn’t able to return the “borrowed” necklace, so I’m just taking care of it temporarily.

I like that I get to bring these wonderful women along with me to this event that I’m very proud of–it’s a wonderful thought, that they’ll be with me in spirit if not in the flesh. I’m missing them, and my other grandmother, particularly this year–so it’s nice to have them with me still.

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