Growing Into Your Style

I’ve had a pretty consistent grasp of what is “me” and what isn’t “me”–the reason why I managed to avoid the statement necklace trend of the 2010s–but, until recently, some of what felt like “me” wasn’t quite “me” yet. Now that I’m in my thirties, it’s been so great to feel like I’m finally there. I feel much more settled in myself, my style, my life, and I feel a lot more confident personally. I’m in “my prime,” as Jean Brodie would say.

It’s nice to feel more confident in myself and it’s really nice to finally feel like I’m in the right place in my life to wear things that I’ve cherished but haven’t yet worn as an adult–my mother’s scarves, Belgian Shoes, my mother’s overcoat… the list goes on.

Now that I’m “in my prime,” I’m working on truly defining my style. As you all know, starting this blog was a way to document this process–to invest in fewer and better pieces, to get rid of impulse purchasing and past impulse purchases, and to narrow down “my list.” It’s been such a fun journey, and I’m truly enjoying every minute of it.

When did you hit your “prime”? And what things in your closet did you wait years for?

6 thoughts on “Growing Into Your Style

  1. I’m in my late 20s but getting closer and closer to that feeling you described. Had to kiss a lot of frogs (ahem… trends) to find what truly makes me feel comfortable, joyful, and confident!

    1. I think we all need to experience what doesn’t work for us to know what does! I’m making a commitment to going to a store to try on a new shape if I am considering investing, because if it doesn’t work I never manage to send things back online!

  2. These questions are so thought provoking! I don’t know that there are specific items of clothing that I waited years for, but in my 30s I feel so much more comfortable in my “uniform.” I know what works for me and what I like, and I’m not worried that my outfits aren’t varied enough!

    Ann Mashburn’s words from her latest email really resonate: “the right things — things meant to save and share and pass along to another happy owner — are for me, a help and a joy.”

    1. That is so great!!! I’m almost at that point myself. It’s such a great feeling and a huge way to free up mental space when you just know.

      As you know I LOVE Ann Mashburn, and her latest column was exactly what I love to read!

  3. Yes! I love being in my thirties for this same reason. It really does feel good to step into a more confident ‘adult’ stage of life. I inherited a few clothing items all the way back in high school that I’m just now getting out of storage – furs and cocktail dresses are definitely more suited to a thirtysomething life.

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