What’s On Your Wishlist?

One of my favorite parts about writing this blog is getting to know you! I love to get to know you in the comments section or on Instagram. I’ve made some great friends here and I truly appreciate you taking time to spend with me every day 🙂

Recently, I received a DM from Leah, asking “What are some wish list items that you recommend us considering adding to our wish list?” She went on to add it would be fun for readers to share their own wish lists too. I loved that idea!

I don’t think I’ve compiled a true “wishlist” post in one place. My wardrobe staples list certainly contains wishlist items, and this post comes pretty close to items I’d highly recommend. I also wanted to write my own personal wishlist out for you, and invite you to share yours in the comments!

My wishlist

A large cashmere shawl from By Merryn (I have smaller cashmere wraps, but I’m eager for a giant one!)

A new pair of Belgian Shoes

A Cartier tank watch

A leather handbag (not sure of the specifics, but definitely something more “adult” than my Longchamps)

A really great linen jacket

What’s on your wishlist?

14 thoughts on “What’s On Your Wishlist?

  1. My wishlist is just about the exact same as yours! Belgian shoes, a new bag. I have a Tank watch (still looks amazing after 12 years), and I recently pulled the trigger and commissioned a Clementina suit. I can say hand-on-heart, it’s the most exquisite garment and well-worth the investment in time and money.

    1. I love that! Please let me know how the Clementina suit process comes out–it’s something I’m absolutely DYING to do, but it’s definitely firmly on the wishlist for now 🙂

      1. I have gone through the process and it’s impeccable. You should do it, don’t think twice! I received my navy linen suit after about 5 weeks (there is an initial consultation + measurement, following by a fitting before completion). Jake and Emilie are a dream to work with. I may order a white linen version soon, and definitely a wool version in the autumn. Fits like a dream and saves me thousands of dollars + hours of time. I’ll never go back to off-the-rack!

        1. That is a surprisingly quick turnaround! Thank you so much for sharing more of the process. I completely agree that custom is the way to go—it really means you get exactly what you want. I’m eager to try it…! One of these days, and hopefully sooner rather than later!

  2. So glad you did this. 1. A pair of Belgian shoes., 2.Tiffany & Co Pearl Toggle necklace. 3. Return to Tiffany & Co silver narrow cuff. A really good quality long wool coat for winter(open to recommendations). That’s it..for now:)

    1. Thank you for the great suggestion! And thank you for sharing your list. Which color Belgians are you thinking of? And what kind of wool coat? Do you have a particular color or style you’re interested in? 😊

  3. So fun to read these wishlists! On mine:

    Baudoin & Lange Stride loafers
    Brora black cashmere cardigan
    O’Connell’s windowpane cashmere funnel neck sweater (hopefully my size comes back in stock!)
    By Merryn Erica funnel neck sweater
    Cinzia Rocca camel coat
    Tory’s braided gold bracelet with sapphire clasp
    I’m also on the hunt for a good “grownup” handbag – wondering about some of the options from Launer.

  4. I love the Wish List idea! While I’m focusing on editing right now one thing that has been on my list every summer is a blue and white Pierre Deux barrel bag. I had one so long ago (so long!) and it was lost somewhere along the way. I check eBay every so often, someday I’ll find one!
    Wants vs. needs!

  5. Oooooo if I type my wishlist out will it manifest in real life?! Jk. But here are a few items from mine:

    – Longchamp X D’Heygere backpack. Need a utilitarian tote to help travel with small ones that won’t slide off of my arms easily!
    – Hermes “H” Watch small. My name begins with H so it’s only fitting. 😉
    – A Montgomery Wooden Toggle Duffel Coat in Navy
    – ANY Felize driving moccasin from M. Gemi. I have three pairs and they are so incredibly comfortable.

    Other things include:
    – ’76 Pontiac Trans Am (my dad had one and that’s what my parents brought me home in from the hospital. It was a much different time.
    – A solid walnut jupe table
    – Loris Marazzi Scarf Sculpture

    1. One can hope…! 😂 I love your list—it’s filled with great pieces you’d be able to use forever!! And I love how you branched from a wardrobe list into other wishlist pieces!

  6. I’m a big wishlist person! I’ve done all my clothes/accessories shopping for the year and am already starting to look towards 2024 (lol) using my own version of Tiffanie Darke’s “Rule of Five” challenge. I’m hoping a painting and a side table that I’ve been eyeing will still be available next year, so some of these wishlist items may be traded out for those purchases:

    – Paola Vilas sterling silver Eva earrings
    – Shaun Leane sterling silver Sabre Deco hoops
    – Hermes sterling silver Chaine D’Ancre ring

    – Walker Slater grey Harris Tweed blazer
    – Velasca green cardigan
    – Carel black Ariana flats
    – Wedding reception dress

    *My husband and I will be doing a combination anniversary/honeymoon trip next year, so I’m leaving room in each category for potential buys while traveling.

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