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Holiday Wardrobe Staples You Can Wear Again and Again

I never buy holiday-specific clothes now that I’ve collected my “holiday wardrobe.” Yes, it may lean a little heavily on that sketch from the Official Preppy Handbook (I inadvertently wore that exact outfit, minus the velvet blazer, one year!) but it’s served me well my entire adult life and I am not planning on changing it. You don’t need to, either! Here are my holiday wardrobe staples and similar pieces that are currently available.

I wear two types of shoes during the holidays—velvet smoking slippers for more informal gatherings, and Ferragamo Varas* for more formal events. My favorite smoking slippers are Stubbs & Wootton and Zalo*.

My beloved forest green cords* are often in use during the Christmas season, whether I’m working in the office or we’re doing something at home, like decorating the tree. You can find my review here.

Grey flannel trousers are a great option for a more business-attire event, especially when paired with a great turtleneck and a festive scarf. My go-to pair is from Ann Mashburn, but I love J. Crew’s new pair*. (I tried on a pair and would definitely go with the petite sizing for the inseam to avoid a trip to the tailor–for reference, I sized down and am 5’4″.)

I have two plaid skirts, one long kilt that was my mother’s (shades of TOPH) and one knee-length skirt from a great little brand called Kiki Lynn. Sadly, Kiki Lynn has gone out of business, but I’ve often seen her designs on Poshmark and eBay.

Cocktail dresses
I have a beautiful bright Christmas-red dress from Theory about fifteen years ago that is absolute perfection for the holidays, and it’s brought out every year. Another more recent addition to my wardrobe is a beautiful Molly Moorkamp dress (this one* is the long-sleeved version) that will be perfect for the holidays when paired with my red or green scarves.

I love my Ann Mashburn tie-neck blouse, a beautiful way to elevate any outfit. I can’t wait to get my hands on the ivory version. I also swear by a good turtleneck the second the weather turns cool. I love J. Crew’s version*, but also this one by J. Peterman is an excellent choice (they’re not just a running joke on Seinfeld!).

I’m not a “Christmas sweater” person, but there’s something so festive about both cableknits and fair isle sweaters. As you know, I have a large collection of sweaters, so I haven’t bought any lately. The Aran turtleneck I have and love is from the Aran Sweater Market, and while all my fair isles are vintage, I’ve loved Bosie’s recent sweaters (and may just have to get my hands on one somehow!)

My red flannel Petite Plume pajamas (the whole family has them; find them here!) are not only extremely comfortable, but picture-perfect for Christmas morning! You can read my Petite Plume review here.

What are your holiday wardrobe staples?

2 thoughts on “Holiday Wardrobe Staples You Can Wear Again and Again

  1. “That sketch” is a sterling reference – polished with only a smidgen of patina as background authentication of course… still have the book. Cheryl has a holly turtleneck from Talbots, when their quality was better, that dates back to Christmas photographs with our then young children. It survives to appear as tradition still

    1. It’s a true classic! I have some of my mother’s Talbots clothing from when the quality was good as well and it does make its appearances from time to time. They don’t make them like they used to!

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