Dempsey & Carroll’s New Holiday Stationery

I was so delighted to receive a selection of Dempsey & Carroll’s new holiday stationery in the mail! As you know, I am very picky (“discerning” being a better word, but picky is more accurate!) in what I allow in our house, and Dempsey & Carroll always makes the cut. I was so excited to get a sneak peek of their new holiday collection! I definitely prefer holiday trappings to be more traditional and timeless, and Dempsey & Carroll’s new collection is perfect in every way.

I’m so proud to be a brand ambassador for Dempsey & Carroll–I’ve been a lifelong fan of their beautiful stationery. With the code SARAHC, you can receive 10% off your Dempsey & Carroll purchase, even bespoke stationery! This is a great way to stock up for the holiday season.

Below, I’ve highlighted my favorite products from the new holiday collection. I hope you enjoy–and let me know if you end up purchasing something!

Victorian Holly, 10 cards and lined envelopes for $65

Victorian Tree, 10 cards and lined envelopes for $65

Cottage, 10 petite cards and lined envelopes for $60

12 Days of Christmas, 10 cards and lined envelopes for $50

Angels Gift Tags, 5 for $20

Gold Mini Tree Fill-In Invitations, 10 cards and envelopes for $15

You can see all of Dempsey & Carroll’s holiday collection here!

Thank you to Dempsey & Carroll for the lovely gifted stationery!

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