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A Special Partnership with Dempsey & Carroll!

I am so excited to share Fewer & Better’s first brand partnership! Dempsey & Carroll kindly reached out to me after sharing my post on etiquette surrounding engraved stationery and asked if I would be interested in becoming a brand friend. As you know, Dempsey & Carroll is where I purchase my own stationery, and I love their deep ties to my hometown–I grew up a few blocks away from their original store!

I’ve loved writing about stationery–how to write a thank you card and how to choose your engraved stationery are two of my favorite posts to date. It’s so special to mark even everyday occurrences with a penned note on such a beautiful card. I find myself inventing excuses just to have a reason to send a note!

I’m so excited to be a Dempsey & Carroll brand friend, and I look forward to sharing posts in collaboration with them in the future. In the meantime, if you are looking to purchase your own stationery, or stock up on more, Dempsey & Carroll has kindly offered you a 10% discount with the code SARAHC. I hope you enjoy–and please let me know what you choose!

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