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Three Things to Keep in Mind When Using Engraved Stationery

I’ve been perpetually fascinated by the rich traditions behind engraved stationery. Choosing to use your beautiful engraved stationery is a way of showing care and respect to the recipient, and it also reflects on you. I’ve written about choosing your engraved stationery here. There’s a time and place for each type–from calling cards to correspondence cards to writing paper–and it’s sometimes difficult to know what to choose! Here are three things to keep in mind when using engraved stationery.

If you’re writing to a friend, cross out your name

Engraved stationery is designed to be more formal. Using engraved stationery to write a note to a close friend is wonderful, but a little-known form of etiquette is to cross out your name if you are writing to someone with whom you are close. Just draw a slash through your name and sign the letter with your first name only.

Never send fully engraved cards to friends

Unless you are a public official or someone else with a great deal of correspondence arising from fame, sending fully-engraved cards with no personal note (including Christmas cards) is not acceptable. Always add a personal note, even if just a line or two, and always sign by hand.

Always use a fountain pen!

Never type a note on engraved stationery, and never use a ballpoint pen or pencil–the thickness of the paper precludes the use of anything but a fountain pen.

4 thoughts on “Three Things to Keep in Mind When Using Engraved Stationery

  1. A wonderful guide on the use of a fountain pen Sarah! These instruments have, sadly, too often fallen aside from common service as a desktop staple. They need not be exorbitant – a Lamy LX is my current daily pen. And let us not forget also – blue-black ink as the standard. Well nudged!

    I was unaware of the friend mod to the header. My thanks for the education.

    1. Thank you so much! I also have and love my Lamy–it’s such a great pen and really reasonable. A nicer pen is on my future wishlist but it’s nice not to have to sacrifice quality with a more reasonable price tag!

      Thank you again for your comment and I hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. A question if I may. There is a type of business stationery called Monarch which usually has the principal’s name printed at the top. Should that not be typed upon either, or is it only truly engraved stationery?

    1. Oh, good question! Let me ask my friends at Dempsey & Carroll for their thoughts. I’m afraid that most of my experience with stationery is of the personal and not professional variety. I’ll get back to you!

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