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How to Choose Your Engraved Stationery

Engraved stationery seems like a luxury, but in fact, the cost per card is generally much less than you’d expect. Engraved stationery will last a lifetime and it is an investment in yourself. It encourages correspondence, tells people with whom you write to that you are a serious individual (especially crucial when applying for jobs/schools/clubs), and it’s an elegant nod to a more refined past… at least, communication-wise.

With so much meaning imbued in a single piece of paper, how do you choose?

Cards or letters? Do you find yourself writing brief notes or longer letters? If the former, try a simple correspondence card. If the latter, letterhead is a good investment.

Should I engrave the envelope? If you’re in your “forever” home, or your “for a while” home, I would recommend adding engraved envelopes. If you aren’t sure where you will be in a few years, it may not be the best investment for you.

What color ink should I choose? Do you have a favorite color, or a color that is specifically meaningful to you? If so, I would recommend choosing that. I love blue, and I always choose a deep navy–timeless, elegant, and always appropriate.

What color paper should I choose? I far prefer ecru to bright white; I find bright white too jarring, and ecru softer.

Should I engrave my name or my initials? It depends on how you use your cards. If they are for primarily informal notes, your initials are fine. If for more professional correspondence, I would recommend your full name.

What font should I choose? Something easy to read, simple, and that fits you both now and in the future.

Do I choose an edge treatment? I always feel that a card looks incomplete without an edge treatment. Choose a color that coordinates (but doesn’t necessarily match) the ink you choose for your name.

Where do I buy my stationery? There are so many wonderful places to find engraved stationery. Dempsey & Carroll, Mrs. John Strong, and The Printery are my three favorites. The Printery offers beautiful custom designs, as does Mrs. John Strong. Dempsey & Carroll does as well, and offers a very reasonably-priced option for your first engraved stationery.

Do you have engraved stationery, and if so–tell me how you chose yours!

6 thoughts on “How to Choose Your Engraved Stationery

  1. I also use Dempsey & Carroll who I ordered from many years ago originally. Mine last a very long time since I use them for personal letters or notes only, although I have name cards as well. My name is in blue cursive on ecru.

    1. I miss name cards! I have some from when I was a little girl and would love to revive that tradition. So elegant! My name cards were my name in small caps in red with a little picture of a bunny.

  2. I also use Dempsey & Carroll. I love the cards you selected, Sarah! Very elegant!

    For those who haven’t ordered and may wish to, once you make your first order, you receive the engraving plate. When you re-order, you simply send in the engraving plate for another printed set. It’s less expensive subsequent sets but choose wisely! These cards and plates are not an “of the moment” purchase. #fewerandbetter

    1. Thank you, Susan–and thanks for forwarding me the information about the sale! I was so glad to finally have engraved stationery with my correct name again. Truly a lifetime purchase!

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