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What I Use and Love When Entertaining Guests

As a continuation of my informal “entertaining” series (read more here and here), I wanted to share what I use and love when entertaining guests! I had my best friend over for drinks this weekend and it was so wonderful to see her and also entertain someone! I used to entertain regularly when we lived together in D.C. and when my husband and I weren’t yet parents, but with a newborn and then the pandemic that fell by the wayside. I’m looking forward to entertaining more, and I wanted to share what I use and love when entertaining guests with you!

Linens: It is impossible for me to resist good table linens–I have a large amount of vintage Irish linen from my grandmother, but most of it is embroidered with a “B” for my maiden name, so it isn’t often used any more. I love browsing Porthault (pictured), Julia Amory, and Pink House Design for inspiration.

Cheese knives: I bought these cheese knives* on Amazon years ago when I couldn’t find my former set and they are surprisingly wonderful!

Silver trays: I love serving hors d’oeuvres on silver trays–you can find great ones on Etsy*, Chairish*, and Replacements.com*.

Etched glasses: By now it’s patently clear that I’m obsessed with these lovely champagne coupes* (evidence here, here, here…). They are so fun to use and I love the weight and heft of the glass. I have my eye on the wine glasses and water glasses next.

Candles: I have the best time matching my candles to my table linens, and the Caspari Stone Blue Straight Taper candles* have been on constant rotation this spring and summer. They fit perfectly in my beautiful Birdie Nall candlesticks (you can read more about Birdie Nall here and see my feature on their blog here)!

I’m planning on sharing some of my go-to entertaining recipes soon, too, if you’d like to see–let me know!

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    1. They are so fun to use, I love them! (And use them for so many drinks, not just champagne!) And yes, I feel like we’ve had two summer days here in New York but the bugs are out in FULL force already. I hope you’re having a lovely start to your June, Alyssa!

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