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Sleep is very important to me–especially as a mom–and I’ve been trying to make sure I get the best quality sleep that I can. Part of that is actually being comfortable when sleeping. While I used to wear old tshirts to bed in college, it’s neither practical nor comfortable to do so any longer. I’ve been on the hunt for the ideal pajama situation and I think I’ve finally found it–for me, at least!

I bought Petite Plume pajamas in red flannel for my family this year for Christmas, after literally years of attempting to buy matching pajamas but always missing out on the sizes we need. (This past year I was very organized for Christmas for the first time in my life!) I was very impressed with the quality of the pajamas and how warm and soft they were. (A note: they did shed a lot until I washed them twice, so I would recommend washing them twice before wearing instead of just once!) I loved them, and when it started getting warmer, I put a new pair on my spring shopping list, inspired by my friend Quincy!

I was “surprised” by a new pair for my birthday last week–the white pajamas with navy piping*–and I could hardly wait to put them on. I’ve worn them every night since and I can’t emphasize how comfortable they are. The cotton twill is soft but substantial, and the sizing is perfect (and actually accurate–please reference their size chart before ordering!) I feel extremely polished and put-together even in sleep, and they aren’t too hot or too cold to wear in these early spring nights.

I definitely rank Petite Plume pajamas as a #fewerandbetterapproved product, and I already have my eye on a new pair…!

What are your favorite pajamas?

2 thoughts on “Petite Plume Pajamas

  1. Ah hi!!!! That’s me!! They really are perfection, especially for the price. I actually sent this love letter to the brand after they sent me my first pair as a sample for a story and remain just as enamored:

    I have always been aesthetically driven. It’s how I make sense of the world and my place in it. There are items I’ve collected over time that define my life and style—a vintage color study from Martha’s Vineyard, J.Crew’s high waisted skinny jeans, a vintage wicker statement lamp, etc. And I think Petite Plume is the latest addition. When I opened your box, I immediately felt connected to the apparel—the polished designs that, despite being classic and thoughtfully constructed, still weren’t too fussy. Not too much or too little. And then once I put them on, I didn’t want to wear anything else. It was as if the chaos of toddlerdom and a work-in-progress home during a pandemic didn’t even matter because I myself, first body and then mind, felt so at ease and put together. I look forward to every opportunity to put Petite Plume on, because it means I get to feel that way again.

    1. Yes!!! Thank you for inspiring me to add another pair to my wishlist!

      I completely agree with you–it’s a huge treat to wear them and I definitely need another pair as soon as possible! 🙂

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