Five Desk Accessories I Can’t Live Without

I’ve worked primarily remotely since becoming a mother, so having a good place to work at home has been crucial. My needs have changed since I lived in D.C. with a desk in the corner of my bedroom. I’ve learned that having sprawling amounts of space isn’t productive for me, mainly because the space becomes quickly filled with clutter or other distractions. (I seem to be the person who, when she sees an empty space, must fill it. Hence the “maximalist attempting to live a more edited life” tagline of my blog!) Right now, I have a wonderful little workspace in our bedroom–we’re lucky to have beautiful built-ins that provide just the right amount of space for me to work! Here are the five things I have at my desk that I can’t live without. What are yours?

Desk blotter

I love the beautiful desk blotter I inherited from my mother! I write with a fountain pen, so having blotting paper at hand is crucial when quickly jotting off a note. The blotting paper is also very convenient for taking notes, doodling when on the phone, and jotting down reminders. I often have stamps tucked into the corner for ease of use! My grandmother had these made for her antiques and interiors shop in Locust Valley many years ago, but you can find similar ones at Parvum Opus.

Fountain pens

I always have my Lamy pen in my bag, and one at my workspace–it’s an amazing fountain pen and writes so well, especially considering its low cost. I have the Safari for everyday use, and it’s a fantastic way to get used to writing with a fountain pen without a huge investment.

A printer

With a finite amount of space, but the need to print things frequently, I needed a printer that could be easily stowed away. My friend Nan recommended the HP Tango X printer to me and it’s brilliant! It’s small enough to be tucked away when not in use, or kept out without taking up too much room. You can find it here*.

Catchall tray

Truly an underrated item, my catchall tray holds the chargers I regularly use, lip balm, and a small tube of hand lotion, as well as other miscellaneous items. It’s handy to have a place to keep things, especially so they’re not spilling out all over the place! We have some from Mark & Graham* and Sid Mashburn; both are great!

A cashmere wrap

I’m perpetually freezing around the house, so having a cashmere wrap close at hand is great when I need to get warmer quick. I have this style from Ann Mashburn (from many years ago); I have a number of other, smaller, cashmere wraps as well. Next on my list is this beautiful one from my favorite By Merryn! (And a reminder, there’s an exclusive 20% discount code in this post!)

What are your must-have desk accessories?

3 thoughts on “Five Desk Accessories I Can’t Live Without

  1. As a musician, my desktop is necessarily cluttered with several electronic devices that simply don’t manage to convey the calming-yet-creative aesthetic I’m always striving for. A wooden riser for my monitor and speakers helps hide the blinking boxes underneath, which counts for something. On an adjacent cabinet, I have similar things that you describe, like a catchall tray from a (now sadly closed) antique store in my town. I also have a small potted succulent plant that brings some life to the space.

    1. I always love to hear what’s on people’s desks! Your desk sounds like my husband’s–I think risers are a brilliant idea and if I had a little more space (and a desktop computer) I’d definitely use them as well. I need to add plants to our space! My little one loves to grow things.

      1. Plants make a world of difference in a work space. We have cats, so it makes having a lot of common plants quite tricky. And the ones that are safe to have in the house they’d just pull down anyway, so we tend to stick with succulents.
        There are some cool and simple plant growing kits for kids (with compressed soil and a little terra cotta pot and such). Could be fun, and a nice way to bring some green into the house, too.

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