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What’s in Your Closet? with Emily Landers

Today’s What’s in Your Closet? guest is a true pinch-me moment for me! Emily Landers is the genius behind my favorite podcast, How’d She Do That? I love listening to Emily interview some of the most stylish and driven women I have the pleasure of following on Instagram–including some past and some future What’s in Your Closet? guests! Emily is one of the most genuine and kind people I’ve had the chance to meet via Instagram–she’s one of my biggest cheerleaders and she always brings a smile to my face! I’m so excited to share Emily’s interview today.

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Landers. I am a host, author, and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. My favorite project is hosting my weekly podcast How’d She Do That? where we answer that question each episode. 

You’re originally from Texas and now live in California—what do you miss about Texas and what do you most love about California?

Ah! There is a lot to miss about Texas. Wide open spaces, great food and of course, all of my family and my husband’s extended family live there. 

The people! Texans are one of a kind. Kind, caring, thoughtful  – I am a proud native Texan.

Now the list of things to love about California is endless. We have found the most amazing community here upon my husband’s graduation from Pepperdine Law. Our friends are all so creative, smart, and committed to our community. The challenges of living in California are easier with such a wonderful community. We love to hike, take our golden doodle Maui to the beach. The weekend trip options are endless – beach or mountains? Take your pick. I am a nature girl so living in California is a dream come true.

Tell us a little bit about How’d She Do That?

How’d She Do That launched in 2020 after a radio gig I had been offered fell through! I was going to read ads for a radio station in Los Angeles and that offer wasn’t available once Covid hit so I took matters into my own hands! I had always thought I would be good at podcasting, but the learning curve was really intimidating to me because I had no background or experience in tech or audio recordings.

You have interviewed some of my favorite women on your podcast! Not to play favorites, but who has been a real “pinch-me” moment guest?

I grew up wearing Paige Denim so when Paige Adams-Geller agreed to record with me very early on (Ep. 20) I was floored! I couldn’t believe it. She sent me a DM after we recorded that was very touching to me and I will sing her praises 24/7! 

She is one of the most kind and genuine leaders in the fashion industry. 

Have your guests informed your personal style, and if so, how?

Oh wow! Entirely! My guests are some of the most stylish women in America – and beyond! I love following guests and styling my day to day outfits with them in mind.

If a guest or a listener sends me on of their pieces to wear – I love it! Even if it isn’t my usual style or something I would gravitate to – the fact that they wanted to see me in it and offered to share their product with me is the ultimate style compliment!

What period of your life has had the most impact on your personal style?

Living in New York City, and then moving back to Dallas, Texas only to turn around and head to Los Angeles has taken my style through many different seasons! 

I have now lived near the beach and outside of Los Angeles for the last 8 years which has been the most impactful season for my personal style. Malibu is very casual – the more casual you are the more likely paparazzi will be following you. The opposite of my Dallas upbringing. 

Your recent vacation to France was exactly the reason I love Instagram—it was a great mix of vicarious travel along with beautiful photographs! Where’s the next place you are traveling? And where is your favorite place to revisit?

Ah thank you! Luke has never been to Hawaii or London (for an extended stay) so depending on how our year pans out we would love to visit London and Paris together towards the end of 2023.

My family has gone to a Dude Ranch in Colorado called Wind River Ranch outside of Estes Park for the last 26 or 27 years of my life – every summer! It’s always a very special week for our family and Luke and I are excited to be returning this year after opting for France last year! 

What places have had the most impact on your personal style?

Lake Como, Italy and Èze, France both took my breath away! Lake Como is so glamorous and colorful and Èze is the chic lesser known medieval town just 15 minutes from glitzy Monaco! 

Who are your style icons?

The Princess of Wales, Amal Clooney, Emily Blunt, and my Gramma, Billie Smith. 

Where do you like to shop? What are you on the hunt for currently?

I truly prefer shopping small when I am able to do so! Often times my blouses, dresses, jewelry, and bags, are previous or upcoming guests! In 2023, I am trying to get my skincare routine in check so my twin sister who works with BeautyCounter will be my personal shopper this month!

What are your five most special pieces in your closet?

1. Louis Vuitton – bought in Saint Tropez! This is such a special piece that I know will last a lifetime!

2. Noble31 Shirt – Classic pieces made by some of my favorite ladies! I love wearing this top when I want to feel put together.

3. Kilte Collection Cashmere – previous HSDT sponsor who makes the most beautiful cashmere pieces – no matter what mood I am in. I am happy to wear the Elanah cardigan!

4. Molly Moorkamp – She did a shell print last summer that is my favorite dress of all time! Reminds me summers in Malibu and our French Riviera trip. 

5. Hart Jewlery – Charm Necklace – this piece is technically in my jewelry box, but an item I love! It was very special to make this custom charm necklace with my friend Hart. It has a lot of sentimental value given the charms that we chose.

Thank you so much, Emily! You can follow Emily on Instagram at @emilylanders and @howdshedothatpodcast, and you can listen to How’d She Do That? wherever you listen to podcasts! (The latest episode is linked here!)

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  1. It was great to read this and get to know about Emily a little more! Love that her travels inform her style – that is one of the perks and joys of travel!

    From your newest reader,
    Taylor 🙂

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