No-Shop January: Update 1

It’s just over a week since No-Shop January started, and so far, so good! I always wish that I schedule this challenge during a month that doesn’t hold a sale from Ann Mashburn, but oh well. That makes it much more of a challenge!

One of the things I did last year that I’m doing again this year is unsubscribing from all store emails (except two, Molly Moorkamp* and Ann Mashburn.) I find it much more difficult to avoid clicking over to browse when I’m getting daily reminders of what’s new, what’s on sale, and what I just have to have, when, in fact, I really don’t have to have anything. I do have a small shopping list for the year to fill in those gaps in my wardrobe–first on the list is a sensible knee-length wool coat I can wear for the school run–but I’m still looking for something that really stands out as an exceptional piece.

Something else I’m doing is seeing what I feel I need when selecting my clothes for the day. A coat, as mentioned above, is topping the list. As much as I love my Barbours*, it’s getting cold, and surprisingly enough there I only have a few thick sweaters for bone-chilling days! I’ve been very interested in my findings, especially as some of them are unexpected. It’s a complementary exercise to my wardrobe staples list process.

Are you taking the No-Shop January challenge, and if so, how is it going for you?

2 thoughts on “No-Shop January: Update 1

  1. I am doing this too! I feel that this resolution gives me a reason to say “no” to buying things, so it’s actually becoming a nice little psychological device for me. I am coupling my commitment not to buy with a closet clean out, which has helped me remember all I have and reinforced to me that I really don’t need to buy anything anyway.

    1. Yes, I agree! It also forces me to think whether my “I want it!” impulse is just for the thrill of something new, or if I really truly want or need it. It’s helpful to narrow down the items I keep coming back to as well!

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