Christmas Card Etiquette Tips

Making time for handwritten Christmas cards is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays! I put on Metropolitan, pull out my list and my fountain pen, and get writing. We have a big list this year, and I find these tips to be a helpful reminder when writing our Christmas cards.

Pick a beautiful card

Picking the right card is one of the most fun parts of the entire experience! I usually spend hours searching for the right ones, but this year the search was made a lot simpler by Dempsey & Carroll’s beautiful offerings. We chose this card this year, and you can find my other favorites here. (Don’t forget, SARAHC gives you a discount of 10%!)

Make it personal, but keep it simple

Write a brief note inside your Christmas card! I love reading what people are up to, but I find the lengthy family newsletter to be best when sent under separate cover. I love writing a little note–different for each card–to the people on our list.

Always send a card to someone who has sent you a card

There is nothing worse (all right, there are many things worse, but still) than sending someone a card and not receiving one in return. Be sure to always send a card to someone who has sent you one! If you can’t return the holiday greetings by Christmas, then send a New Year’s card and make sure you add them to your list next year.

Check the address

I was so embarassed when two friends received their Christmas cards belatedly one year because I hadn’t updated their addresses when they moved! I generally take this time to send messages to people I know may have relocated (especially pandemic-prompted relocating) to ensure I have the correct address for everyone.

Address the card properly!

I spent years as a copy editor, so incorrect grammar is a particular pet peeve of mine. Please, please, please address the card (and pluralize people’s surnames) properly! My friend Mariah of Old Soul Etiquette made a fantastic reel breaking down how, exactly, to address Christmas cards. You can find it here!

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