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Five Favorite Christmas Movies

I live for Christmas movies–rewatching my favorites is one of my most-anticipated traditions of the holiday season. I never allow myself to watch any Christmas movies before Santa gets to Macy’s–but once he does, it’s fair game! As a mom, I find myself with more limited time to watch as many as I’d like, but I always make time for these five favorite films.

Miracle on 34th Street

The original, of course, is the best–but this is the film that always kicks off the holiday season! I try to watch this as soon as the Macy’s Day Parade is over. It’s my unofficial start of Christmas 🙂

The Bishop’s Wife

I love The Bishop’s Wife and have all my life–it’s a true reminder of the meaning of Christmas. I won’t tell the plot, as it will give the film away, but it’s a must-watch, and sharing part of the film with friends and family is a long-running family tradition of ours.

White Christmas

Does it get better than the singing, dancing extravaganza of White Christmas? This soundtrack is on repeat for most of December. I love all of it.

Christmas in Connecticut

Another longtime family favorite, Christmas in Connecticut tells the tale of Barbara Stanwyck, who lies about being the ideal housewife in her newspaper column, and… well, I’ll let you discover that! 🙂


One of my top five films of all time, let alone Christmas. I have a few friends with whom I quote this film with probably excessive regularity–one group chat is entitled “urban haute bourgeoisie” after the film. I love the dialogue, the beautiful city at Christmas, and truly everything about it.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?

5 thoughts on “Five Favorite Christmas Movies

  1. An excellent selection! I respectfully submit Holiday Inn [not exclusively Christmas, but…] for consideration as well.

  2. It NEVER fails EVER. Always that scene with the little Dutch girl and I turn into a puddle of tears. To think what she must have gone through during the war and here she is hopeful and peaceful about her future and Santa just knows everything and speaks to her. UGH, I tear up just thinking about it!

    1. Aww I love that scene!! It is so special and something that we all need to remember nowadays, when there are so many displaced children who have seen innumerable horrors. I’m hopeful they all have a moment of joy this season!

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