What I’m Buying for Fall

While it’s still the height of summer, I always try to stock up for the upcoming season at least a month before I think I need to–it’s the best time to find timeless items I love at better prices! After a year of editing my closet, I have a really clear sense of the gaps in my wardrobe. Here’s what I’m missing, and what I’m buying for the fall.

Camel sweater–a great transitional neutral for that awkward post-Labor-Day-but-still-super-warm period we get in New York.

An oversized cardigan–inspired by both Emilie Hawtin’s recent essay for Drake’s, and the Molly Moorkamp cardigan that got away, I’m dying for a cozy oversized cardigan with a shawl collar. Molly, please bring back the Annette! (In the meantime, this one looks really nice!)

Boots–I have a great pair of brown duBarry boots, and a black pair from Sézane, but I’d love something elegant and chic in a chestnut leather.

Neutral cashmere wrap–I have the black White + Warren travel wrap (seen here), and would love to add a cream or white one to my closet. I also have my eye on Molly Moorkamp’s pashmina.

A knee-length wool coat–I have a fantastic full-length overcoat from Brooks Brothers in the 80s–the same one Audrey Rouget wears in Metropolitan–that was my mother’s (also seen here). I love it, and wear it often, but it’s so heavy. I have an old peacoat from Benetton that I wore throughout high school, but what I’d really love is a knee- or mid-length camel coat–warm enough to wear when it’s too cold for my Barbour, but not too heavy.

Black and navy trousers–I have a great pair of cotton trousers from Brooks Brothers that I love, but I’d love a new pair of slim wool pants in both navy and black. I’m considering these, but let me know if you have a good pair!

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  1. I reached the point two or three years ago, during and just post-height of the pandemic, that there really is nothing left to add to my casual or professional wardrobe. I don’t feel like I NEED anything anymore. Barring a few more Mercer shirts, or another J. Press sports jacket or two, it’s at that point. This follows two years of alterations after some weight loss, and donating about four large garbage bags of items that didn’t fit right, or were not worth the time and money to have altered. What’s left is pretty close to perfection in my view. That said, I am a sucker for neckties and continue to add one or two new items a year to the rotation. Of course, I am very near, or over 100 now. I know, I know. . .

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