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Five Things Still On My List After No-Shop January

So, I made it through No-Shop January! I’m very proud of myself–the last item of clothing I’ve bought for myself was on December 3rd, so in actual fact it’s been two months of no shopping. This is probably the longest I’ve gone for most of my life, except in boarding school when shopping was less accessible than any other time of my life (pre-most online shopping!) This was especially difficult during the post-Christmas sales, as might be imagined!

During this month, I’ve made a concerted effort to focus on what I have and what gaps there are in my wardrobe. Here are five things I still have on my list after this month!

An oversized cardigan: It’s only February, but it’s still cold–and I’m still freezing all. the. time. I am still thinking about this Molly Moorkamp cardigan and anxiously awaiting any webstock!

The Gigi skirt: I’m still not back into the swing of things despite being fully vaccinated and boosted, but I am slowly, tentatively, thinking about doing things again. We have a work event coming up in April and the Gigi skirt (another Molly Moorkamp piece!) would be perfect for it. Such a timeless silhouette and endlessly flattering.

Faye pants: I’m still thinking (and talking) about Ann Mashburn’s Faye pants. I need to finally bite the bullet on these!

Belgian Shoes: I am completely in love with my black Belgians; now I’m realizing I somehow own no pairs of brown shoes. (How is this possible? I own brown boots but not brown shoes.) So I’m on the hunt for a pair… I might have to stop by the store to see if I’d prefer leather or suede for these.

Plain Goods polo sweater: I’ve had my eye on this sweater forever and it just came back in stock. I love the silhouette, the colors, and the mission behind the store–truly a “Fewer & Better-approved” place to shop!

What’s on your shopping list?

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