No-Shop January, Week Four Update

We are finishing up the last full week of January and I am very happy to say that so far (knock on wood!) I’ve made it through without shopping for myself! I did need to buy some new clothes for my toddler, and a new duvet after ours gave up the ghost (and half of its feathers) suddenly and unexpectedly. Other than that, I’ve managed to stay on the no-shopping track.

I’ve outlined the methods I’ve used to keep myself from shopping in my previous posts, but I wanted to use this one to reflect on the things that I’ve learned.

I have a post coming up about this topic, but something I have realized is that buying new things for the sake of something doesn’t make me happy (what a concept, haha!) First of all, ignoring all the rigamarole that comes from online shopping–ordering, waiting for the item to ship, the item arriving, breaking down boxes… it’s so wasteful if the item isn’t really needed. It’s one thing to go into town and shop at a local boutique, and I do enjoy that, but that’s not something I’m doing right now, and I truly don’t need much more than I have.

Another thing is that I don’t need a lot of what I currently own, and until I sort through the accumulation of a lifetime, I really don’t need to be purchasing anything new (unless there is a specific gap in my wardrobe, or something wears out.) I’ve taken note of the things I’ve thought about purchasing during this month, and I’ll be sharing those soon, but all-in-all, the way life is right now, I’m pretty set.

I’m going to continue “no-shop January” into February, at least, though with fewer restrictions. I’m going to purchase the items that fill the gaps I’ve identified, if I still feel I need them, and I’m also going to sort through my belongings and donate or consign what I no longer need, and what no longer fits my lifestyle.

I’m grateful to my readers and commenters–you all kept me going during this, and I’m excited to have a better relationship with shopping in the future 🙂

2 thoughts on “No-Shop January, Week Four Update

  1. Love this blog, and I am having similar thoughts.

    One thing that seem to help me into focus on “Doing” rather than “Buying.” E.g. instead of looking through end of season sales, why don’t I use that time to iron the very nice shirts I already have? Or, de-pill my sweaters? Shine my shoes? Etc. This seems to help remind me of what nice things I already have and helps reduce the feeling of “needing” something else.

    Hope this helps.

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