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Tuckernuck Sample Sale Picks

January seems to be the biggest sale month of all, but one that’s not necessarily trumpeted. This is why I do a No-Shop January each month! While you’ll be able to read about my success, or not, in this week’s newsletter, I did want to highlight one of the best sales of the year.

I’ve been shopping at Tuckernuck since they opened shortly after I moved to D.C., and while the collection and their offerings have expanded exponentially, the sample sale still has great pieces if you know where to look. I combed through all 1,000+ offerings remaining today, the last day of the sale, to pull together the pieces I think are worth a second look.

Here are my choices separated by category–if you are shopping, I hope you find what you’re looking for. Happy Shopping!

Outerwear and Sweaters
Pants and Shorts
Shoes and Accessories

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