What I Look For When Buying New Clothes

In this season of my life, I’m embracing the wardrobe staples I’ve inherited and am searching for pieces to fill in the gaps. I’m comfortable in my style and I know what works well for me and my lifestyle. I have it figured out, so shopping should be simple… but, in fact, it’s more difficult than ever to find good, classic staples that will actually last. I’ve developed a checklist that I refer back to before I purchase any new piece of clothing. Here’s what I look for when buying new clothes.

Fabric content
Unless I’m buying a fleece or a rain jacket, I only purchase natural fibers. They last longer, feel better, and are better for the environment too.

Place of manufacture
I prefer to buy pieces made in America or in Europe for the simple fact that there is more oversight in production—both from a workers’ safety perspective and a quality control perspective. That being said, I do purchase pieces from small businesses that have an investment in ensuring safe working places and quality craftsmanship outside of America and Europe—Gallola, for example (you can read more about the brand, their shoes, and their mission here).

It feels good
You can tell quality craftsmanship at a touch. The material feels substantial; the seams are finished; the weight of the piece isn’t unbalanced. All these things are important, and it’s immediately clear what works when you have the piece in front of you.

It’s the correct silhouette
There have been so many things over the years that I’ve thought and thought about only to purchase them and have them look off. Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve found the silhouettes that work for me. Nowadays, I only buy pieces that fit that narrow criteria, as tempting as others may be!

It looks right
After spending enough time with clothing, or someone who really knows clothing, as I did, you get a sense for when things look right (seams, button placement, etc.) and when they don’t. It’s a worthy education! In this infinite sea of possibilities, being able to find those diamonds amidst everything else is worth the time it takes to learn. Your closet will thank you!

What do you look for when purchasing new clothes?

3 thoughts on “What I Look For When Buying New Clothes

  1. Fit and material are my top two criteria when picking out new apparel…. I do love fun fashion pieces though in my wardrobe … love to be classy with a spin. Lol.
    Just bought a burgundy Barbour gilet vest that I wore last week and loved it!!! Super fun.

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