Review: The Maxima Loafer by Gallola

One of the things you may not know about me is that I spent years of my life studying pre-Columbian cultures–and I once knew how to read Mayan hieroglyphics! Because of that, I planned a trip to Belize and Guatemala in my 20s and had the most incredible experience. Beyond seeing the pyramids and sites I’d studied in depth, I was beyond impressed by the emphasis on handcrafting. The pieces that I brought back from my trip, mostly housewares, have held up to heavy use. It’s been wonderful to relive that trip as a part of daily life.

When I first learned about Gallola a year or so ago, I was deeply impressed by Lexie and Katrina von Hahn’s commitment to the quality craftsmanship I so admired about my Latin American travels. Gallola also celebrates the lifestyle and history of Latin America. Each pair of loafers is handmade in Mexico in a family-owned factory with over three generations of experience in the industry. The shoes are made from local materials and are inspired by the unique styles of Latin America.

Shortly after Gallola launched, Lexie and Katrina reached out to see if I’d be interested in reviewing a pair of their loafers. I was eager to accept! I chose the Maxima–their beautiful brown leather pair. Both the Maxima and the Sassa are inspired by Argentine carpincho leather and the speckled pattern is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I own a lot of loafers, and this unique texture helps this pair to stand out in my closet.

As the shoes are made from genuine leather, there is a bit of a break-in time. For me, this is worth it. The shoes quickly molded to my feet after a few wears and have become extremely comfortable. The brown goes well with both my cold- and warm-weather wardrobes, and I love the navy trim that helps tie together my outfit.

Several significant factors help these loafers stand out. As mentioned above, the texture of the leather is very original and fun, and the shape of the shoe is classic without being boring. The shoes are pre-treated with a stain-resistant coating. There is a heel lining which helped prevent blisters when I was breaking them in–extremely important! I’ve enjoyed getting to wear these shoes over the past month, and look forward to wearing them for years to come.

I will note that as I have narrow feet, I found my loafers a touch wide for my preference, something I rectified with gel insoles for the summer. They’ll work perfectly with socks in cooler weather!

Thank you so much, Lexie and Katrina, for the beautiful shoes! I look forward to seeing Gallola’s next products.

Gallola’s loafers are available exclusively at Gallola.com and retail for $152–a true bargain!

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