My Favorite Fall Shoes

Now that school has started again, I’m setting aside some time during the day to switch over my summer shoes to my fall shoes. Closet changeovers are always so fun to me! I love saying hello to old favorite pieces. This time of the year is also a great moment to donate unused and unworn clothing. I like to enter the season with everything neatly stored away (you can read my tips here) and the upcoming season’s clothes neatly displayed in my closet and dresser. While my fall wardrobe staples list includes a comprehensive guide to my fall clothes, I wanted to go in-depth on one of my favorite clothing categories: shoes! Here are my favorite fall shoes and boots and why I love them.

Smoking slippers

I love the elegant lines and whimsical details of the offerings from Stubbs & Wootton and House of Zalo. I have large collections of both and bring my suede and velvet pairs out for the fall. In the early days of the season, I love pairing these with white jeans (I’m breaking that particular style rule this year!) and a light cashmere sweater. For a more traditional look, my newest pair, from Gallola (reviewed here), is perfect as we transition into cooler temperatures.

Belgian Shoes

My black suede and brown calfskin pairs got so much wear this past year that I had to buy a third pair–a great burgundy suede that’s perfect for fall! I love Belgians because they are understated, chic, and practical–they’re great with socks or without, and with casual wear or more formal attire. If you’re not local to New York (the location of their only store), don’t fret! Call or email them and they’ll walk you through the sizing and ordering process.

Ballet flats

Can you be a preppy-leaning millennial without spending a good portion of your twenties contemplating ballet flats? I know I did! After an exhaustive, decade-long search, I have to tell you that Porselli flats are the best ones out there. I’ve written extensively about these flats in the past–you can read more here–so the tl;dr version is these are incredible and well worth the wait time for ordering!

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are a great way to keep your feet warm and look good too! I wear my duBarry ankle boots for a variety activities–from walking around Manhattan to riding to hiking. They’re waterproof and durable–and still look elegant after all those active excursions! My exact pair is no longer available, but this is a close duplicate. I’ve also ordered a pair from Beckett Simonon–I can’t wait to wear them!

Foul-weather shoes

I wore Bean boots for most of my life, but when I was pregnant in the winter, I couldn’t bend over to tie them! Enter the Bean boot moc–and honestly, I wish I’d bought them years ago. They keep my feet dry and I can just slip my feet into them and head out the door. The perfect shoe!

Formal shoes

I don’t often wear heels, but when I do, they’re low heels. I love my Ferragamo Varas! They’re surprisingly walkable (if necessary), timeless, and elegant. You can wear them with trousers, with dresses, and, more importantly, throughout your life! I’ve worn them since formal dinners at boarding school, and they work just as well now as they did then.

What are your favorite fall shoes?

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Fall Shoes

  1. I would also add my well-worn penny loafers & the Ann Mashburn buckle shoe in navy. I am very tempted by the buckle shoe in the leopard print, too. A touch of leopard (accessories only) always feels chic. Thank you for your excellent posts!

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