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Wardrobe Staples: Saint James Galathée Shirt

I’m continuing my wardrobe staples series with a new installment about one of my go-to summer items, the Saint James Galathée shirt. I’ve worn these shirts for years and they are the best striped shirt in my closet… and I own a lot of stripes.

The Galathée tee, despite having long sleeves, is perfect for summer. It’s lightweight and breezy. It’s also a great base layer for colder temperatures. I recently wore this shirt on a 90 degree day (we’ve already had those!) and was perfectly comfortable the entire time we were outdoors.

The shirt itself has that great boxy shape that every “boxy” shirt seems to strive for but never attains. This one is just right–it’s flattering, loose, and comfortable. The sleeves roll easily and don’t crease, so you can get the perfect look without any stress. In short, it’s effortlessly chic.

I have two sizes of Galathées–one is my true size, which is more fitted, and the other is a size up for that boxy look. Note that these shirts can and will shrink in the wash, so if you are between sizes, definitely size up.

The price may seem steep for what is, essentially, a tee, but these shirts are hard-wearing and will last a very long time with the right care. Enjoy your shirt, and let me know which colorway you choose!

Above: I’m wearing the By Merryn Erica cashmere jumper and the Saint James Galathée in white/denim.

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Staples: Saint James Galathée Shirt

  1. I used to live in my Galathée tees in college! I’ve since moved on to the Comme des Garçons Play striped tees since they’re the perfect length for my short torso, but I am thinking of getting a short sleeve top from Saint James since the fabric feels so great in the summer.

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