Ten Things I Own and Love from Ann Mashburn (that are on sale!)

The biannual Ann Mashburn sale is always the sale that tempts me more than any other–especially during my month of no shopping. It begins at 25% off, then goes down to 50% off with more items added, then finally 60% off. (When items are 60% off, they are final sale, but prior to that they are returnable!) While I might not be shopping this month (although I’ve given myself one exception, and have been saving a gift card to Ann Mashburn for this event), if you aren’t refraining from shopping this month, and are thinking about buying from the Ann Mashburn sale, here are ten things I own and love that are included in the Ann Mashburn sale!

(A note: I realize that this is the exact type of post I plan to avoid reading during my no-shopping month. However, the purpose behind this blog is highlighting incorporating fewer but better things into your life, and I’ve been very happy with all of my purchases from Ann Mashburn (and I’ve been a customer for a decade now!) If you are planning to shop this sale, these are all things that I own, some in multiples, and have found to meet my criteria for items I want to keep in my closet!)

Ballet flats, currently $146.25: I wore my green leather ballet flats from Ann Mashburn into the ground. While my go-to are Porselli, I find the Mashburn flats almost slipper-like in comfort, and I love the suede options offered during the sale. I recommend these wholeheartedly, especially if you don’t want to wait for your Porsellis to be made for you.

Audrey tee, currently $262.50: I own the sleeveless version of this top and love it. It’s very elegant, whether tucked into jeans or a black silk skirt for the evening. The silk is very weighty and drapes so nicely, and the collar adds a unique touch.

Boatneck tee, some colors currently $71.25: I own the boatneck tee in navy and wear it at least once a week. The cotton is structured but very lightweight, and it feels a little more elevated than a basic tee. It’s a great length to wear untucked without feeling sloppy!

Katherine Patch-Pocket Jacket, currently $746.25: Yes, this jacket is incredibly expensive. HOWEVER. A navy blazer will take you everywhere in life, and this is incredibly warm, well-cut, and well-made. While I prefer my Kiki jacket nowadays, I’m so glad I have this blazer, which will truly last a lifetime and never be either trendy or “out.”

Laura pants, currently $206.25: These cigarette pants are so timeless and a great staple. These are my go-to, and they’re rarely in stock any longer. Grab these if you have the chance!

Kiki Jacket, currently $412.50: I can’t think of anything to say about the Kiki jacket that I haven’t already said here, here, and here. It’s one of my “magic wardrobe items,” and it truly makes me feel like the best version of myself each time I wear it!

Reusable fask mask, currently $18.75: Sadly, you can never have enough face masks. While the CDC recommends the use of N-95 or KN-95 masks right now, if you’d prefer to double-mask with a cloth mask over an N-95 mask, I love these. While you can’t choose the pattern, all of them are lovely!

Tomboy popover shirt, some patterns currently $146.25: These are great shirts to throw on at the beach or lounging around the house. They make me feel a little more pulled-together than a t-shirt, and that’s something I’m trying to embrace this year after two years of the pandemic!

Boyfriend shirt, some patterns $146.25: Like the tomboy popover shirt, this is a great one for more casual wear (or more polished everyday wear if you’re on the taller side.) I love wearing this for Zoom meetings because then I feel comfortable but still professional.

Wool cape, currently $446.25: This was definitely an indulgent purchase of mine during the polar vortex, and it’s served me well! (I need to dig it out of the basement as we had our first snow of the year yesterday!) I love the weight of the cape, and while I’m not long enough to pull it off as outerwear, it’s perfect for around the house, and with the snow and omicron, it’s exactly the comfort I need!

I hope you found this guide helpful–let me know if you end up purchasing anything from the sale!

2 thoughts on “Ten Things I Own and Love from Ann Mashburn (that are on sale!)

  1. The Tomboy popover is my favorite shirt from Ann Mashburn – I’m slowly amassing a collection! I love the cut: slightly loose without being slouchy, crisp without being too formal.

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