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No-Shop January: Week One Update

So, it’s the end of the first week of January, and I’m planning to do weekly updates on my no-shopping month, if only to hold myself accountable! (I’m also trying to add an additional post each week that isn’t a “Five Things” or “No-Shop” update, as well! Writing an extra post now that work has begun again has cut out my evening online window shopping, which has helped, I think.)

To start off the month, I actually began this challenge pre-Christmas. This year I was, for once, very organized and managed to complete most of my shopping in advance of December. (I am never this person, so I was very proud of myself!) This meant I wasn’t doing any last-minute shopping in the week leading up to Christmas. I also unsubscribed from almost all store emails around Black Friday, to eliminate the post-Christmas-sale temptation, and stopped reading blog posts that were exclusively about sales. So far, my last personal purchase was at the beginning of December (December 3rd, fleece leggings from Old Navy for $24.99; I am perpetually freezing and wanted something to wear under my khakis when playing outdoors with my son!)

I’ve been very tempted in two instances–the Molly Moorkamp sale at the end of December, and by the Faye pants from Ann Mashburn, which I wrote about here. I didn’t purchase anything from the Molly Moorkamp sale, although I have some store credit, namely because the two dresses I had my eye on were sold out in my size. I’m going to wait to use that credit for the Annette cardigan pre-order, I think, because as mentioned above, I am perpetually freezing, and believe it or not, I really don’t have a nice oversized cardigan. As for the Faye pants, I also have a gift card to Ann Mashburn, and am eagerly awaiting to see if the ones I have my eye on will be added to the winter sale to purchase them—the sale started yesterday and everything included is 25% off, but more is added throughout the month and the sale will go down to 60% off! I’ll be posting about some of the pieces I own and love from Ann Mashburn tomorrow, in case you are interested in shopping during the sale!

So far, I’m pretty proud of my progress. I’ve added a few things to my to-buy-in-February list, but I also haven’t donated any clothes yet, which I would like to do (I have gone through my drawers and have them set aside, but haven’t set up the donation yet.) Here’s hoping next week goes as smoothly!

3 thoughts on “No-Shop January: Week One Update

  1. Well done, you! While I haven’t wholly committed to the challenge, I’ve been inspired by your effort and have begun unsubscribing to almost every store email that comes in.

    I am 100% watching the Ann Mashburn sale. Even pre-sale, the pieces I was after were not available in my size. Here’s hoping I’ll get lucky as the sale progresses — that’s one shop email I’ve left coming in!

    1. That’s great, Susan!!

      Yes, they add more items/sizes throughout the sale; if there’s something you’re really interested in, you should email them and they can add you to a waitlist (best customer service!) They’ve done that for me in the past, which is great!

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