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Fall Uniform

After wearing uniforms for years in school, it’s no wonder that I still find myself gravitating towards the same sort of things over and over–NOT plaid or kilts, but finding a few combinations of things that work well and buying them in multiples. However, I do occasionally find myself straying into “new territory” when I get bored, usually with disastrous results. (Obviously an overstatement, but really, it’s unnecessary.) That being said, I do want to switch things up a little this year. I’m making a list of my fall uniform–both the actual staples I wear every day, and those I want to try out. I’m going to keep to the list and hope for the best! I’ll be sure to check in and post a review.

What I Wear Now and What I’m Trying This Year

Long-sleeved tshirts

What I wear now: I usually wear J. Crew’s Perfect Fit tshirt, but I’m looking for the perfect version of it.

What I’m trying this year: I loved the look of Alice Walk’s three-quarter tee, so I ordered it. I didn’t think it was quite what I’m looking for (I do prefer long sleeves over a three-quarter length), but I loved the silhouette and heard great things about the brand from Nan Philip at Simply Elegant!


What I wear now: I usually wear a J. Crew turtleneck, but have been unhappy with the shift to the “tissue” version.

What I’m trying this year: I’m still trying to find a good substitute. I like the look of Alex Mill’s turtlenecks, and I plan on trying one this year.


What I wear now: I wear everything from vintage fair isle to cashmere cardigans to Aran turtlenecks and everything in between.

What I’m trying this year: I hardly need another sweater, but I’m finding I have holes in my wardrobe. I’m trying to be practical about any future sweater purchases, as these are my particular Waterloo! Let me know if you have a sweater you just can’t live without.


What I wear now: Old Levis or newer J. Crew skinny jeans, but I haven’t found *that pair* of jeans yet.

What I’m trying this year: The Margot high-rise by Industry Standard. These have been on my list for literally *years* but I’ve never committed. I’m planning to this year, though!

What I Wear Now and Love

Tweed jackets

My perfect wardrobe item is the Kiki jacket by Ann Mashburn. I’ve never felt particularly chic before I bought my first one! The price tag is steep, but it’s more reasonable than Chanel, and the tweed is made at the same factory. Plus, they are just stunningly made and perfect in every way. No need to hunt for a replacement for this one!


I never wear heels, or even shoes with any significant heel. My go-to shoes are needlepoint Stubbs & Woottons from my grandmother, but I am in love with my new Belgian Shoes and my ballet flats (update on the latter soon!).


I managed to snag by duBarry Cork boots on major sale at Tuckernuck a few years ago and they’ve been such a fantastic purchase–super comfortable, beautiful, and waterproof! A huge ease off my mind in the fall and winter–I don’t have to worry I’m going to ruin these. I’ve also talked about how much I love my Bean mocs before–another excellent purchase.

My Barbour

The second it’s cool enough for a jacket, I reach for my Barbour, no question. While I have several (a quilted jacket, two Beauforts, and a Bedale), I’ve been wearing the Bedale for the past few years–it was my mom’s, and I love how I feel closer to her when I wear it.

I’m trying to add a few additional items to this rotation–particularly my mom’s silk scarves and her Burberry trench, as well as some nice dresses. We’ll see. Maybe they’ll be reserved for a different “uniform” category.

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