Black satin evening bag with gold clasp--What's in My Evening Bag?
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What’s in my Evening Bag?

I’ve always loved those “what’s in my bag?” posts, both from editorial features and blogging in the early 2010s. As I prepare for my black tie event on Saturday, I’m reminding myself the crucial things that I need in my evening bag after two years of no events.

The important thing to remember is to keep things simple. You don’t need your entire wallet for an evening event (and shouldn’t bring one!) Only bring the essentials.

The evening bag I use the one pictured, which is vintage, a gift from my grandmother’s best friend. I far prefer the look of a vintage bag, especially as it’s difficult to find an affordable non-leather clutch. Etsy is a great source for vintage!

A comb Mason Pearson can do no wrong, and their pocket comb is the perfect size for a small evening bag.

Minimal makeup Only if you anticipate needing a touch-up! I’ll have my lipstick and mascara on hand. (I do not wear makeup often, but will for a special evening!

Your credit card, vaccination card, ID, and $20 I always have $20 in case I need to take a cab and tip, and of course you should never leave home without a credit card. In these days, venues (at least in New York) are required to check your vaccination and ID cards for proof of vaccination upon entry, so be sure to remember to bring them!

Your cell phone If it fits–if not, your date should be able to fit it in his pocket! (A gentle reminder, most private clubs, if that is your venue, do not allow the use of cell phones other than as cameras.)

Breath mints Always a good idea! I love the mini Altoids, but those Listerine tablets are super convenient, especially if you don’t want your bag to rattle because of the mints!

Are there any other essentials you’d keep in your evening bag?

3 thoughts on “What’s in my Evening Bag?

  1. These are all great things and I hadn’t thought of the mints. Good tip! My only other must-have add are headache pills. I’ll just drop a couple/few in. There is nothing worse than starting with a headache when you are in a crowd and expected to be at your best.

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