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Five Ideas for Father’s Day

As you know, I’m a big fan of investing in fewer but better things, and holidays are no exception to that! I wrote a guide for what to give the men in your life for Ivy Style earlier this year, but wanted to share a few Father’s Day-specific things (that aren’t liquor, grill paraphernalia, or anything to do with sports!)

A first edition of a favorite book

If you’re purchasing something for a big reader, something that is such a meaningful gift is a first edition of a favorite book. I’ve had great looks tracking down books on AbeBooks, eBay*, and Etsy*, of all places, and highly recommend this route!

A donation to a favorite park

My husband and I used to take weekly walks the length of Central Park when we lived in the city, so last year I donated tulip bulbs in his honor. It’s a special way to make a beloved place more beautiful for everyone. You can also endow a tree or adopt a bench.

Personalized stationery

I’m a big fan of the handwritten thank-you note, and if the person you’re purchasing for doesn’t have personalized stationery, this is a thoughtful and meaningful gift they will always cherish. We love Dempsey & Carroll, and they have a wonderful Father’s Day selection here. (And you can find my guide on how to choose your engraved stationery here!)

A made-to-measure shirt or suit

Sid Mashburn has wonderful made-to-measure clothing, and if you’re not near one of their stores, they also offer online consultations. As Father’s Day is fast approaching, and the options for their bespoke clothing are so numerous, a gift card is a great way to present a personal gift while allowing the recipient to have a shirt made exactly for them!

Something made for them

I love to needlepoint, and one of the projects I’ve been working on is a beautiful custom matchbook canvas by The Slippery Needle*! Commissioning a custom needlepoint canvas is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day!

What are your favorite Father’s Day gifts?

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