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Coffee Talk

It’s February at last! What a month January was. I’m grateful my family and I have stayed safe and well during the omicron surge, and I’m eager to (hopefully) see the world take a turn for the better soon. I’m feeling a little at a loss for questions for coffee talk this month, so I’d love to open it up to you–what are you thinking about as we head into February?

I’ve been thinking about what’s next. During this part of winter I’m always itching to start a new home project, and this year is no exception. I’m filled with different ideas to finally set up a work-from-home space. The problem is I have spent two years trying to determine the best arrangement, but I think I’ve finally narrowed it down. I’m on the hunt for a secretary desk, and plan to store my files in these beautiful boxes that remind me of the ones my mother used to have. I would also love a folding screen to provide a nice Zoom background! So that’s what’s on my to-do list for now. What’s on your to-do list, and what are you thinking about? I can’t wait to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. I am thinking about the end of college applications and the beginning of college acceptances (!). And how will the end of senior year play out with events and covid. Will we be able to have a graduation party? All things high school senior year and beyond.

    1. Oh, I remember that time well! At my boarding school it was a tradition to post our letters from colleges–on the door if you were accepted, horizontally if waitlisted, and upside-down if rejected. Not the most thrilling of times. I can’t imagine dealing with that during covid. I hope that things settle enough for a graduation party!! I’m thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck!

  2. I can’t wait to see your work from home space once it’s completed! We’re eyeing finishing our master suite reno, which should hopefully get off the ground this month. Fingers crossed the backordered items arrive soon.
    I’ve been trying to take more time to just relax and read versus work all the time and scroll Instagram. Like you, I’m cautiously optimistic about omicron and the pandemic. We have so much travel we’d like to catch up on to see family and just to get away from our routine.

    1. Thank you!! Now that I finally have a clear image I just need to find everything, haha. Wish me luck! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your renovation; I can’t wait to see what you do.

      I’m in the throes of planning our next work event, and an event for the summer–I’m hopeful they will happen without a hitch, like our fall black tie event!

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