Elegant Desk Accessories from Parvum Opus

I’ve been in the process of setting up a more functional work from home space… only took me two years of a pandemic, and two and a half years of working from home before to get around to this! I was inspired by stumbling across the desk blotter my grandmother had had made, which I used in high school, and while I love that I found it, it’s sadly a little worse for the wear. I had found a company that makes beautiful desk accessories, from box files (so practical!) to blotters, but Harris & Jones is based in England and the shipping is prohibitive. I started searching for a US-based company, and finally found Parvum Opus, based in Michigan. “Small things, beautifully done” is their tag line, and a more “Fewer & Better” line there could not be! I love their beautiful things and the detail and care put into each piece.

For my ideal work from home space, I’m considering the following: a desk blotter or desk pad, a pencil cup, a letter sorter, and some box files (although Parvum Opus doesn’t make box files, I’m hoping they’ll be able to!) Everything is so stunning that it it hard to narrow things down to what I need, let alone choosing the paper patterns! I love that Parvum Opus includes my favorite quote about interiors in their about page–“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” These accessories meet both criteria. What do you like the best?

Image via Parvum Opus.

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