Why You Should Shop Small This Holiday Season

Small Business Saturday is fast approaching (this year it’s Saturday, November 26th) and it’s one of my favorite times to shop. It’s so amazing to support the small businesses that make up our amazing downtown—businesses I remember from childhood, like our local toy store, and newer shops that have become fast favorites. I’m sharing five reasons to do your holiday shopping on Small Business Saturday below—I hope you are able to support your own favorites this Small Business Saturday too!

Your dollar goes back to your community

I read an amazing Instagram post one of our local shops posted a few months ago, explaining how the profit her store makes is spent in the community—at our market, the coffee store, local restaurants, and so on. Buying things locally not only supports the diversity of our local economy, it supports the businesses that make our charming town what it is!

No shipping charges, minimums, or delays

I hate feeling like I need to spend a minimum amount to get free shipping and I really hate paying for shipping. Plus, with holiday delays, it’s so nice not to feel rushed with making sure everything arrives on time. I love getting to know things will be ready when I need them!


I’m the absolute worst at gift wrapping and any time I can get out of it, I try to. But it gets boring not to have beautifully wrapped presents, and there’s definitely a marked lack of excitement when tearing into a gift bag instead of a gift. It’s so nice to go to a shop and emerge with wrapped presents!

Make your shopping an experience

I’m old enough to remember when shopping for gifts was a pleasurable experience, instead of this angst-ridden more-more-more thing we have now. Take a day to yourself, check off everyone on your list, have a lovely lunch, and enjoy the holiday spirit!

It’s more fun!

Like the above point, it’s simply more fun to see everything in person instead of just clicking on a link. I love getting to check out toys for my little one, or clothes for my husband, in person before making my final choice. It’s much more appealing that way!

What are you shopping for on Small Business Saturday?

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Shop Small This Holiday Season

  1. I love this!!! My husband and I have agreed to get through the holidays this year without using Amazon and thus far all our holiday shopping has been from small business. I’m so excited to go to our town’s locally owned toy store soon! Agreed, I miss the days when shopping was a fun memorable outing and not a stressful slog.

  2. Unique local businesses are what help our small town thrive.

    Among our favorites are the independent bookstore with a great children’s section, a toy store / clothing / gift boutique, and of course, the wine and cheese shop!

    For the past few years we’ve tried to recenter this holiday around Thanksgiving (family and friends), Saturday (Small Business Saturday), and Tuesday (Giving Tuesday).

    1. Yes, I completely agree on the importance of unique local businesses! We have a great wine & cheese shop ourselves (well, a wine shop and a cheese shop that are owned by the same family). It’s a great way to make even quotidian chores enjoyable and meaningful! I also appreciate your recentering of this part of the holiday season; that’s something else I should keep in mind!

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