Where to Find Fair Isle

I receive a lot of questions every time I wear or post one of my Fair Isle sweaters. While my collection of Fair Isle is exclusively vintage, I’ve been on the hunt for modern and available versions for you! Here are three #fewerandbetterapproved retailers who currently make exquisite Fair Isles.


O’Connell’s has an incredible selection of Fair Isles and other classic, well-made clothing. Thank you to Susanna for the welcome reminder!


I picked up some beautiful cashmere knits from Brora when I was in Edinburgh a few years ago–the quality is great and the craftsmanship superb. I love their collection of Fair Isles, which come in a variety of styles and colors. You can find cashmere, lambswool, and merino Fair Isles at Brora, and their patterns stay true to the traditional Fair Isle knits.


I first heard about Bosie from my friend Muffy Aldrich, who is a prominent supporter of the brand. I trust Muffy’s judgement implicitly, and she has spoken very highly of Bosie’s knitwear. Bosie has a wide selection of Fair Isle and I am itching to get my hands on one of their beautiful cardigans!

Jamiesons Knitwear

I recently stumbled across Jamiesons‘ knitwear and absolutely fell in love with their Fair Isle and Shetland offerings. I love that they also sell their yarn if you are up for the challenge of knitting your own sweater!

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