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Outfit Post: Falling for Fair Isle

As I’ve mentioned many, many times, I love the sweaters I’ve inherited over the years. Some of the most special are my Fair Isle sweaters, most of which were purchased in Bermuda decades ago. Like this one, they remain in great quality–a true “buy it for life” item! Bosie has a great collection of Fair Isle, and I’m eager to get my hands on one. (It’s also a great way to get the look if you can’t find a vintage one!) They are Muffy Aldrich-approved, and her standards for knitwear are just as exacting as mine.

Outfit details

Vintage Fair Isle sweater (Deans of Scotland for Trimingham’s of Bermuda)

Old Navy turtleneck*

Old Navy jeans*

Tory Leather belt

Fair Isle socks

LL Bean Mocs* (my review here)

7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Falling for Fair Isle

  1. I love this look!! Such a perfect mid-fall outfit. Agreed, the Bosie Fair Isles are so good this year. Every time I think I’ve chosen one, I see one I like even more.
    Also, thanks for your LL Bean Moc review! I have the vintage Duck Hunting Boots, but they’re not very comfortable. I’ve been thinking about replacing them with the mocs.

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