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What’s in Your Closet?: An Introduction

I’ve written a lot about the sentimental value of my clothes (here and here), but I wanted to delve into that a little more deeply. I have a lot of clothes that have been passed down to me from the people that I love. Whether it’s a fair isle sweater from my grandmother or her best friend, my mother’s Barbour Bedale (pictured), or my beloved Stubbs & Woottons from my grandmother and aunt, I’m someone who cherishes the old over the new, values the history of an object, and truly prefers the weight of history instead of buying something new.

(That’s not to say I don’t like to shop, and have items that I love acquire meaning all their own! But I do find myself drawn to pieces that once belonged to people I love.)

The attachment that people have to certain items has always interested me, because there are always stories behind them. I am so excited to share that I am launching a new series in this blog, called “What’s in Your Closet?” where I sit down with some of the people whose style most inspires me and ask them about the five most special pieces in their closet. I’m hoping to post the first installment in this series next week, with a very special guest–stay tuned for more!

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