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Updates to My Spring Wardrobe Staples (and A Few Things I’m Still Missing)

Spring is officially here, according to the calendar, though the weather is lagging a little behind. I prepare to put my winter clothes in storage and bring out my spring clothes, I’ve been reviewing my spring wardrobe staples list and adding a few new things to it. Over the course of last spring, I noticed some holes in the list, and I’m aiming to fill those this year. Here’s what’s new on the list, and here’s what I still need to track down!

New additions
Popover from By Merryn: We all know that By Merryn makes my absolute favorite contemporary sweaters, and she’s now branched out into shirting! I was so excited to receive her poplin popovers this week. The quality is incredible (full review to come over on Ivy Style, where you can now find me on Wednesdays!) and they are truly beautiful shirts. As a reminder, you can find an exclusive 20% discount code in this post.

Bensimon lacelets: I bought a pair of Bensimon lacelets when my old Tretorns gave up the dust, but they quickly became paired with short and blouses instead of just tennis whites. I’ve enjoyed the “Seven Sisters style” appeal of these. Plus, they are extremely comfortable!

American Trench socks: I’ve mentioned these socks a lot lately, but they’re worth another mention! I have never been much of a sock person and these are somehow extremely comfortable AND fit well, despite being that dreaded “one size fits all” (and never really does.) I love the vintage feel of their crew socks, but the Fair Isle socks are my favorite.

Wardrobe holes
Belgians: I have two pairs of Belgians—one in black suede and one in brown leather. Both are excellent shoes, but a bit more fall/winter than spring. I’d love a blue pair, though I’m still debating between light blue or navy. While my smoking slippers are in especially heavy rotation in the spring and summer, sometimes I just need a “quiet but very good” shoe, and Belgians are my go-to.

An oversized cotton cardigan: I have a number of cropped cotton cardigans (RIP the Jackie of the “Lost J. Crew” era), but now that I’m in the “mom” phase of my life, a more oversized cardigan would be just the thing for work-from-home days bookended by drop-off and pickup. One of my favorite brands, Molly Moorkamp*, has two great options, and I’m trying to choose between them!

Tennis whites: I have my eye on a new tennis dress from Hedge, a longtime favorite brand of mine! My tennis whites are all older and have seen many better days. I’d love to keep things simple this time around and stick with a dress instead of a polo and skirt.

What are your wardrobe staples, and what are you still looking for?

3 thoughts on “Updates to My Spring Wardrobe Staples (and A Few Things I’m Still Missing)

  1. I live in cotton cardigans over the summer, and have far too many. Just added a more tailored J Crew option, it’s heavier and subbed as a jacket recently in Arizona. My cardigan collection does not in any way adhere to “fewer and better”!

    1. I think as long as they adhere to the “better” part of the equation, you’re in good shape 😉 We all have that one wardrobe item! I have a lot of tailored cardigans or cropped tweed jackets; what I really want is a cozy oversized cotton one. We’ll see if I can track down one in my size!

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