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The Turtleneck: The Unsung Wardrobe Heroine

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the crisp weather, the changing colors, the early evenings, and just about everything else! But one of my favorite parts of fall is being able to wear my turtlenecks again.

I am, admittedly, a turtleneck proselytizer. I find them to be incredibly practical, elegant, and chic. I wear them every possible way–on their own or layered with sweaters; with cocktail attire or casual attire; at a party or hiking or just around the house. A turtleneck always makes me feel instantly more pulled-together.

The turtleneck, to me, is a piece of clothing notably underrated, except during its moments of “trendiness.” Even then, it’s usually a specific style of turtleneck that becomes popular–the slouchy turtleneck sweater, or the turtleneck bodysuit, etc. But I think that every woman should have turtlenecks in her wardrobe!

The key to a good turtleneck is the fit. In my opinion, a turtleneck should be form-fitting but not too tight; it should not cling, but it shouldn’t be too loose, either (unless it is a deliberately slouchy turtleneck.) This goes for both cotton turtlenecks and turtleneck sweaters.

I’ve found J. Crew’s perfect fit turtleneck to strike the right balance, but these seem to come into stock only rarely. When they do, I stock up in several colors. They are great to layer under cardigans or crewnecks.

For turtleneck sweaters, Everlane has a great cashmere turtleneck at an affordable price point; I also appreciate their sustainability policies! I’ve heard good things about Naadam cashmere from Habitually Chic; and my go-to cold weather sweater is my Aran turtleneck. Maybe not the most flattering piece out there, but infinitely warm and cozy! I’d love to try Ann Mashburn’s Cydney turtleneck this fall–the Mashburn cashmere is so luxurious it’s hard to take off long enough to wash! But of all sweaters, the last thing I need is another navy turtleneck.

If you are stumped on how to style a turtleneck, there are so many amazing inspirations. Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair, Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail (can you tell I love this movie?), Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn (queen of the turtleneck layering method), and so many more.

Do you have a favorite turtleneck and if so, please let me know! If there’s anything this love letter to the turtleneck has demonstrated, I could not love turtlenecks more 🙂

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