Review: By Merryn Pyjamas

By now you all know how much I love my pieces from By Merryn–the attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship, and classic style is unmatched by any other contemporary pieces in my wardrobe. (I’ve written extensively about the brand on the blog–you can see those posts here.) Recently, Merryn reached out to see if I would like to test out the brand’s new pyjamas. You can imagine how quickly I jumped at the opportunity!

Long story short: they are incredible. I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to change out of them because they are so good! Read more below for the full review.

The details:

The fit is loose but neat–there’s plenty of room to move without feeling constricted, but not too much to feel unkempt. I love the tapering leg (I often find pyjamas to have a leg that’s too wide), and the piping on the outside of the seam. One detail that particularly illustrates By Merryn’s attention to craft is the matching drawcord at the elasticized waist–the drawcord is made of the same fabric as the pyjamas and it actually STAYS TIED without having to be double-knotted. A first in my experience!

There are pockets! My litmus test for most things tends to revolve around pockets–are they included, are they functional, do they fit my phone? The pyjama shirt has two pockets, both deep enough to hold my phone and any other small things (glasses, tissues, etc.), but don’t feel like an afterthought. Just like every other detail, the pockets are perfectly placed.

The pyjamas are extremely comfortable and light–I’ve been wearing them to bed during a heatwave and I haven’t been uncomfortable at all! I can tell they’ll still be cozy during the colder months, and I can’t wait to test them out then.

Also, they come in the most darling little drawstring bag with the brand and logo embroidered on it–it was one of the most exciting things to unwrap in a very long time!

To note:

I am wearing a size small and found the fit nice and loose, which is how I prefer my pyjamas. My true size is a size XS. I’d check the sizing guide to determine which fit is best for you! I found the pyjama legs shrunk a bit in the wash as I’d dried them–this was fine, as the legs were initially too long for me. Right now they are perfect, and could still be hemmed a bit–an extremely easy fix. Overall, I am very happy with the size small!

Behind the seams:

By Merryn’s pyjamas are made at a small, family-run factory in London, in operation under the same ownership for more than thirty years. The factory specializes in Jermyn Street shirting (the final word in good shirts!), and supplies some of the street’s most notable shops. (They also produce By Merryn’s popovers!)

What struck me particularly is that the entire production of the pyjamas is done by hand. The pattern for the pyjamas is drawn and graded by hand, without the use of a CAD system. Each piece of the pyjamas is cut manually, then sewn by a seamstress. All interior seams are French pressed, and no overlockers are used. The cotton is all sourced from a mill in the North of England, still run by the same family that founded it seventy years ago. The by-hand craftsmanship truly shows–these are pyjamas for a lifetime!

Thank you, Merryn, for sending me the pyjamas to review! I can’t wait for another colorway to add to what will be a robust collection 🙂

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