New Posts on Substack

Good morning! I’m here to share five recent posts on Substack.

For all readers:

The Staple, February 23rd, in which I talk about trends, New York Fashion Week, and share my spring wishlist edit. (My full spring wishlist can be found here.)

The Staple, March 1st, where I discuss clothing as a social signifier, the outsized importance of a North Face jacket during my boarding school years, and share five pieces that are crucial for layering.

And I wrote about my brief experimentation with kick flare pants (and shared why the experiment is over).

For paid subscribers:

What Do I Really Wear?, an edition of my series which takes an anthropological view of clothing. Each week, I share my clothing diary: what I wear, why I’m wearing it, when I acquired each piece, and how much I spent. It’s a way to show transparency in my wardrobe: to highlight that when I recommend a piece, I’m really wearing it.

And Five Ways to Actually Invest in Your Wardrobe, a guide to which pieces you should spend money on (and, hint: it’s not THAT handbag).

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