Five Things for Spring

I spent part of the weekend cleaning out my closet and dresser in an attempt to get a jump on spring cleaning–what better way to spend part of a long weekend? (There are many better ways, haha, but now I feel cautiously optimistic that spring is on the horizon!) I’ve been taking note, as I went through my clothes, to see what gaps there are in my wardrobe for spring. Here are the five things that are on my list for the upcoming warm weather!

Low espadrilles: I have a pair of higher navy espadrilles, but have been searching for a good neutral pair with a low or a flat heel, and these from Castañer fit the bill. My other pair* is also from Castañer, and they have held up so well over the years of fairly constant use.

Navy dress: I wear a lot of navy, especially when it’s spring. I have one great navy dress, but it’s showing its age, and it’s on the more casual side. I love this dress from CK Bradley, a forever-favorite shop!

Tennis dress: I have had my eye on this tennis dress from Hedge for years, and now that I’m hoping to start playing more regularly again, this is topping my list for upcoming purchases. It’s comfortable enough to wear on the court and elegant enough to wear for lunch after!

New tennis shoes: Speaking of tennis, I need new tennis shoes. I’ve worn Tretorns most of my life, but after my most recent pair wore out, I tried Bensimons instead. I liked the look of them, but I find Tretorns* offer better support for me on the court, so back to the classics I go!

New pyjamas: There’s nothing like a crisp, matching set of pyjamas, and my friend Quincy reminded me how much I loved the Petite Plume pyjamas I bought for my family for Christmas this year (and also how a matching set of white pyjamas makes you feel like Elizabeth James from The Parent Trap–she’s a forever style icon for me!) A new matching set of pyjamas for spring would be wonderful, as it seems as though all my pyjamas are flannel. I love this set from Petite Plume (Elizabeth James style, definitely!) and this set from Heidi Carey, which is so cheerful!

What are you shopping for this spring?

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8 thoughts on “Five Things for Spring

  1. I desperately, desperately need a GREAT pair of denim shorts. I had a fine pair, then I found a good pair… but living in Texas and running around with a toddler, I need a great pair.

    Also, shoes! New sneakers, new espadrilles, new flats, maybe new sandals… Now that I work for myself, don’t need a lot of fancy shoes. Just easy stuff.

    And then, as always, I’m stalking Poshmark for pieces I’ve had on my wishlist for a while. Whenever those pop up, I pounce!

    1. I wish I could help with the denim shorts search! I definitely agree that “great” is crucial with a toddler!

      I just ordered a new pair of Tretorns and I do highly recommend if you haven’t tried them–so comfortable! Still on the search for new espadrilles myself (I do love Castañer!)

  2. After years and years of being a Washington wife I finally freed myself and moved to Texas, then Puerto Rico and now on a farm in Missouri. I like to see clothing as ‘art’ and about 12 years ago discovered ‘Magnolia Pearl.’ I LOVE this designer. Now…you’re not going to like it and that is okay. It’s not a line for everyone. But it’s almost all that I wear. However, I did save several of what I call my ‘social register’ clothes for weddings, funerals, and lineage society meetings – however, most of the lineage society members know me by now and don’t bat an eye-lash when they see me in one of my eccentric outfits. But never for weddings or funerals.

    1. I think clothing as art is a great way to think about attire! While Magnolia Pearl may not be something I could wear, I do think that everyone’s style is unique and the world would be boring otherwise 🙂 I did check out the website and I love the mission behind using vintage pieces to create something new–something I always think is Fewer & Better approved. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I look forward to reading your blog as well!

  3. I love your list! I discovered Tretorns last year and they are insanely comfortable. I’m also excited to hear your thoughts on Petite Plume. I’ve been eyeing their pajamas, but wasn’t sure if they were worth the price. I need new espadrille wedges this year but haven’t found something I love just yet.

    1. Tretorns are the best! I find them them to be so comfortable and practical. I bought Petite Plume red flannel pajamas for Christmas for my family and they were so comfortable. I will also post a review of the cotton twill ones I have a hint that are arriving for my birthday…! I love my Castaner espadrilles and definitely recommend them, if you are interested in trying them out!

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