Five Favorites from 2022

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrated! I find this week to be one of taking stock and looking forward. One of the accomplishments I’m proudest of this year was only buying what I needed and loved; making an effort to find the ideal piece for my wardrobe instead of just stopgap pieces. It’s been a challenging but rewarding process, and I’ve really loved refining my wardrobe so that instead of clutter, there are only pieces I love and know that fit. I’m writing a post about my wardrobe staples process, but right now I wanted to share five of my favorite new acquisitions from 2022!

Belgian Shoes

I purchased my second pair of Belgians earlier this year and I could not be happier with the choice. I’ve always leaned towards a loafer, and now that I’m more advanced in my professional career, it’s great to have a really classic, well-made shoe to fall back on when my smoking slippers are a little too loud. I love them deeply and could not recommend them more!

By Merryn Erica Funnel

I was generously gifted the Erica funnel from my friend Merryn and I fell completely head over heels with the sweater! I’m wearing it right now as I type (and wear it an embarrassing number of times per week…) You can read my full review here (and there’s a discount code, too)–run, don’t walk, for this one!

Molly Moorkamp Dress

I desperately needed a new cocktail dress that was a bit more adult this year after two years of the pandemic. Enter Molly Moorkamp*–just in time to save the day! I love my dress and have been so thrilled to find excuses to wear it several times this year. On my list for 2023 is the Devon dress. Classic, simple, and timeless–just like the rest of her stunning products!

MDS Stripes Skirt

I had just about every collection from Mark D. Sikes’ eponymous clothing line bookmarked the second they were released, and I thought about the Gracie skirt for literally years before I finally hunted down a new with tags one for $25 on eBay! I loved wearing this skirt all summer long. It was a great reminder that the perfect piece is worth the wait!

White jeans

I spent a decade looking for a great pair of white jeans that 1) fit well, 2) didn’t have visible pockets and weren’t see-through, and 3) weren’t astronomically priced. I don’t mind investing in good clothes, but for a pair of white jeans when I’m the mother of a preschooler…? Not on the top of my list. I loved this pair* from Old Navy, of all places. The jeans were incredibly comfortable and well-made. I bought an extra pair for next year!

What were your favorite purchases this year?

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