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“Dressed to Keel”: What to Wear When on the Water

When I was starting this blog, I really struggled with the name–“(Sub)urban Haute Bourgeoisie” and “Dressed to Keel” were top contenders here–they were catchy, I loved them, but they weren’t quite right. Even though I decided on “Fewer & Better,” I’ve wanted to write posts with those titles ever since. It took me a while, but here’s the first one: a detailed guide to what you should wear on the water, what you should bring, and what you should leave behind.

What to Wear

Non-marking shoes: I like Sperrys and my go-to canvas tennis shoes (seen here).

A sweater or fleece: There’s hopefully a breeze, so you may get chilly! A cashmere sweater or a fleece is always a good idea.

A breathable shirt: I usually wear polos or Saint James shirts.

Shorts or pants: If you’re actively sailing, please avoid skirts or dresses, however cute they are! I like these shorts, pants, and white jeans.

A bathing suit: I wear this one-piece on every occasion!

What to Bring

A tote bag: There’s a reason it’s called a boat & tote! My review and size guide can be found here.

Snacks and drinks: Unless your host specifically indicates they’re providing food, it’s always helpful to bring things. Be sure to NOT pack glass!

A lifejacket: I’m going against Jean Brodie’s advice here, but safety first! This is a great and affordable option; we have several. (Please note that we are not wearing them in the above photo as we were moored. It’s always important to wear when sailing!)

Sunscreen: Absolutely, 100% necessary. I like Blue Lizard and La Roche-Posay.

A hat: A baseball cap is preferable, but I’d also consider a straw hat if it fit well.

Sunglasses: Self-explanatory! I love my Krewe pair, and their promise to replace your first lost or broken pair for free!

What to Leave Behind

Shoes with marking soles, shoes with pointed heels, shoes with high wedges or heels, impractical shoes, and so on: Don’t ruin the deck of a boat with impractical shoes!

A dress or skirt: Unless you’re going to a cocktail party on a moored boat, leave the dresses and skirts at home and wear something you can move in.

Glass anything: Too easy to break!

Red wine: Too easy to stain!

A bad attitude: Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Is there anything I’ve missed? Please let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on ““Dressed to Keel”: What to Wear When on the Water

  1. Sperry’s were the villain behind the crash of 23: I caught a Sperry sole on the seat and boom, broken arm. To be fair, I don’t blame them at all. A propensity towards klutziness and low water levels were all at fault. Still, very fun, and a great list!

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