What Are You Shopping For?

A few weeks ago on Instagram, I asked you, my readers, what you are shopping for for the spring and summer. I wanted to share your questions and my responses here, and if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I’d love if you’d share what you’re looking for here in the comments or by emailing me for a future post! Without further ado, here’s what you were shopping for…

A good trench coat!

I love the beautiful trench coat my mother bought more than thirty years ago–it’s stood up to the test of time and it’s perfect and classic. This* is the current version.

Pretty but comfortable flat sandals!

I love my Palm Beach Sandals–the original sandals Jackie Kennedy wore–which are handmade from leather and much more comfortable than Jacks!

A crossbody bag

I don’t personally own a crossbody bag that’s still available for purchase, but I bought this one* recently for a family member and she loves it!

Tote bag!

I am a lifelong boat & tote* girl, but I also love my Crab & Cleek bags for a more fun look!

Cotton maxi dresses

I’m not a maxi dress wearer, but I love CK Bradley’s dresses, and her maxi dresses are so fun!

An airy cotton dress that is more sporty/flattering than the pioneer/nap dress look

Another recommendation for CK Bradley! Her dresses are really super.

Professional but fun dark colored/patterned tops!

Ann Mashburn is always my first-stop shop! I love her tops and blouses.

A reminder: items marked with an asterisk are affiliate links, but I only link to items I’ve purchased and loved! Thank you for supporting Fewer & Better!

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