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Three Pieces from My Mother That Have Stood the Test of Time

After my mother died, I gained a new appreciation for her clothing. Beyond the fact that she had excellent taste and invested in fewer and better pieces, I was grateful to have part of her still with me. I do believe that well-loved things can hold onto part of their owner, so having her clothes meant that I still had part of her with me. And because my mother had the foresight to buy such timeless pieces, I can wear them today without standing out! Here are three pieces I’ve inherited from my mother that have stood the rest of time.

My Burberry trench coat
There is nothing more timeless than a trench coat, and this Burberry trench is certainly that. Not only is it elegant, but it’s hardwearing—this trench is almost forty years old and you’d never know it. It’s a good reminder that you can invest once in the right piece and never have to replace it.

Smoking slippers
I have a fairly large collection of smoking slippers from Stubbs & Wootton and House of Zalo*. Some of my pairs are more than thirty years old! With regular resoling, they’ll last a lifetime.

Hermès scarf

Some of my mother’s favorite purchases throughout her life–and presents to receive–were silk scarves. I’ve always loved silk scarves, but was concerned I wasn’t adult enough, or elegant enough, to pull them off. Besides that, I’ve always been a little unsure how to wear them. I’ve been studying pictures of my mom and other very elegant women, as well as practicing on my own, and I finally feel a bit more confident in pulling out some of these scarves and incorporating them into my wardrobe! My mother bought this scarf in her first trip to Paris. It is so special and cherished! This is Hermès’ “Etendards et Bannières” scarf, in the 140 cm size.

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