The Staple, June 7th

From the Editor

“The whole world can make progress but we stand still,” said Edith Wyckoff, the founder of our area’s local weekly. She was speaking of the town in general, but it’s particularly true in the summer. There’s a case to be made for this: the rhythm of our lives here are passed down from previous generations, particularly in this season. Think: sundowners on the club porch; dewy glasses held in one hand as a charm bracelet jangles on the wrist. “The sun won’t set,” but when it does, stunning purple and gold across the sky. Timeless summer styles. Lights twinkling at twilight.

Our area has a certain mythology of its own, apart from the traditional summer mystique. It’s something we’re proud of and guard zealously. That mythology is oddly attractive and alluring—there’s a reason books and movies are set here, continuing to burnish its image. And, in some ways, it’s what you think of when you think about summer on the East Coast, immortalized in The Great Gatsby, endless Ralph Lauren ads, Slim Aarons photos.

There’s a belief in using the best things for everyday, “because every day is all there is.” In getting off your phone and being outside. In arranging your work day to catch the southerly in the late afternoon. Fresh flowers in the foyer, fresh produce on the table. Candlelit lobster dinners on the patio.

What I like most about summer here is this: everything is simple, but done with ceremony. It’s about throwing on a simple dress, slip-on sandals, and tinted chapstick to heading out for al fresco cocktail hours with friends. It’s spending the entire day on the water and sitting down for a “salty dog” dinner afterwards, with a tinge of sunburn and slicked-back hair after a quick outdoor shower and NO CELL PHONES. Every day should feel this good!

Last week’s post shared five vintage pieces from my wardrobe and their modern-day equivalents: all perfect pieces for an timeless summer. Clothing, to me, has always been imbued with memories and meaning, and those are five pieces you’ll keep forever. Today’s edit features five summer outfits that are as comfortable as they are polished; perfect for adding a little ceremony to your season.

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