The Staple, June 28th

From the Editor

Now that we’re officially in the dog days of summer, it’s time to simplify, simplify! I’m cutting back on all excess frills in every single aspect of life. Things are streamlined: easy dinners, my favorite summer uniforms, carry on only! Summer playlists with the windows open, sleeveless polos, lots of freckles. Summer at its finest.

There’s something special when everything is pared down to its elements. These long, hot days, I’m coming to realize, are really the “fewer and better” days of the year. I don’t want to do, wear, or eat anything that isn’t, quite simply, worth the effort.

Here’s what is:

Outdoor showers with a glass of wine.

Shadows and sunshine along the winding road leading onto Centre Island.

Waiting for the drawbridge in Oyster Bay, a perfect summer song playing.

Glimpsing the water as you drive along West Shore Road.

Peach and blueberry pies from our local farmstand.

Just-picked raspberries from the garden at my late grandfather’s house.

Fresh eggs from Armstrong Farm, cooked over-easy and served with sourdough toast spread with tomato jam from our local farm.

The taste of an ice from the Bonanza Stand.

The moment when you loose yourself from the mooring and the sails fill with wind.

A lazy afternoon on the porch with the southerly coming in.

Many of these things are specific to my area, which has been my summer home all my life. It’s something very special to me to brush up against all my past lives and all my past selves here, in the same places: to feel the gentle, supporting weight of the years here. And not just me: it’s my family too. Yesterday I had lunch at the same table where we celebrated my grandmother’s seventieth birthday. Today, while waiting for camp pickup, I’ll sit on the porch where my family used to spend hours every summer: reading the Sunday paper; relaxing after a day on the water; watching the children run out their energy on the lawn or the old tennis courts before bedtime at home. It is the place where I feel closest to so many people. It is a place I love so much, and summer is when it all comes together.

Where is your summer home, spiritual or otherwise?

The “Fewer & Better” Summer Edit

I’ve been sharing my favorite summer things with you since May (you can see all my summer-themed posts below), but here are five things I absolutely can’t live without in the summer.

A great white dress

I’m finally a teeny bit tan this summer, so I can wear white dresses without looking like a full-on ghost. This dress has been on heavy rotation this summer, and it’s perfect for even the hottest days. My particular one is old CK Bradley (a favorite brand since her days on the UES!), but I’ve found some great alternates, which I’ve linked here (and some, particularly the Everlane options, are on mega-sale!).


I spend a lot of time outdoors all summer, and so does everyone else in my family. Good sunscreen is crucial, and this is always in my bag. (See what else is in there, too!)

The perfect watch

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this watch, (a gift from March Hare), is actually perfect. It’s a dead ringer for one my mother had decades ago (that lasted decades and is still going!), and its timeless style means I’ll be wearing it for years to come. I’ve been talking about this brand on my blog for years, and I’m so pleased to share that the watch is even better than I hoped. Full review next week! In the meantime, you can use my code, FEWERBETTER20, for 20% off!

A great tee

I live in tees during the summer, particulary striped shirts and white tees. I’m looking to elevate my basics this summer, and I have my eye on this one from Veronica Beard—super easy yet chic, all at the same time—plus it’s on major sale!

Easy-breezy sandals

I wore these sandals almost nonstop last summer for good reason: they’re the simplest thing in the world to slip on while you’re heading out the door. I added these into my rotation this summer. While they take an extra couple of seconds, they are EXTREMELY comfortable, even when walking a lot!

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